Aires and Wild Camping

On this page I will summarise all of the places that we spent a night (or two) that are classed as either aires or wild camping spots. The GPS co-ordinates are taken from the spot where we were actually parked in the main and the facilities there are from memory so may not be entirely accurate. The details will be in the order that we went to them which goes from Northern France, down through to Northern Spain, through Portugal to the Algarve and then into Southern Spain and back again.

Hopefully this will provide information for people planning on a similar journey or those looking for places ‘on their way’.


Ault N50°06.227′ E001°27.079′
Situated not far from a small town with shops and bars, on a small car park with recycling facilities nearby.
Water and Electricity available from unit on car park that requires tokens available from stores in town (€2).
Photo from close by. Blog Post

St. Valery-en-Caux N49°52.330′ E000°42.560′
Large seafront aire with plenty of room for larger vans though the entrance is tight.
Water point available.
Photo of Marina. Blog Post

La Mailleraye-sur-Seine N49°29.092′ E000°46.386′
Situated right on the banks of the River Seine. Plenty of room and at the time we parked on n the car park and not the aire as the ground seemed a little soft.
Water point out of use when we visited
Photo of buildings close to aire. Blog Post

Tily-sur-Seulles N49°10.567′ W000°37.499′
A parking area right on the High Street of a small town. Not overly noisy but right on the road.
Water and electricity available from machine (€2)
Blog Post

St. Hilaire-du-Harcouet N48°34.554′ W001°05.509
Parking right beside big Church just outside town centre. Bells ring late into night and then early next morning. At the time of our visit we were able to get internet access via schools unsecured network.
Water and electricity vailable from machine (€2)
Photo of Location Blog Post

Le Mont St Michel N48°37.800′ W001°30.444′
Parking on main attraction car park. No facilities and at the time of our visit cost was €8 per night.
Photo of the Mount Blog Post

Planeuf-val-Andre N48°34.523′ W002°34.000
Parking overlooking marina area, a few shops in the town but quite quiet. Nice walks on the cliffs to other towns close by.
Water and electric available from machine (€2). May charge for overnight stops in high season.
Photo of Marina Blog Post

Plouha N48°40.554′ W002°53.107′
Parking right next to the sea with a large beach. Restaurant close by.
Water and electric facilities off at the time of our visit.
Photo Blog Post

Port Louis N47*42.517′ W003*20.614′
Aire situated just outside of main town, overlooking sea and quiet.Water and electricity available from machine (€2)
Blog Post

L’Epine 46°59.174 W002°17.626′
Aire right on sandy beaches with lovely walks.
Water available but off when we visited.
Photo of Location Blog Post

L’Aiguillon-sur-Mer N46°19.901′ W001°18.503′
Large parking area next to river. Town is very small with a few shops
Photo taken close by. Blog Post

Cognac N45°41.910 W000°19.962′
A small aire with only four serviced bays but free electricity and water when we visited. Close to town centre. Get there early!
Photo of Old Town Blog Post

Oradour-sur-Glane N45°56.129′ E001°01.531′
Nice aire overlooking playing fields with historic abandoned town within walking distance.
Water available from machine (€2)
Photo of Abandoned Village Blog Post

Hautefort N45°15.607′ E001°08.937′
Small aire behind garages and a WC. Small town.
Water and electricity available from machine which was off when we visited.
Photo of Chateau Blog Post

St. Alvere (no GPS)
Beautiful aire in parkland just outside a small village. Waste emptying and water available, electricity off at time of visit.
Blog Post

Sainte Cyprien N44°52.102′ E001°02.663′
Nice aire next to a school with services. Close to town centre.
Blog Post

Monbazillac N44°47.321′ E000°29.751′
Vineyard just outside Ribenac with wine tasting on site. Water and waste disposal available. Try the Pineau!
Blog Post

Gastes N44°19.714′ W001°09.057′
Lovely lakeside aire, very quiet when we visited. Water services only
Blog Post

Mimizan Plage N44°12.291′ W001°17.829′
Large aire right on the beach at Mimizan. Small town with supermarket. All services for €7 per night collected by local Police.
Photo of Beach Blog Post

Vieux-Boucau Les Bains N43°46.767′ W001°24.033′
Aire in a woodland area close to town. Pay on exit at machine. All services available.
Photo of Town Blog Post

Capbreton N43°38.143′ W001°26.809′
Large car park right on beach. All services off when we visited.
Photo Blog Post

Biarritz N43°27.990′ W001°34.302′
Busy aire just out of the City and next to the beach. All services and a €10 charge collected by local Police.
Photo Blog Post

Hendaye Plage N43°22.213′ W001°45.887′
Small aire just outside of town, 20 minutes walk to massive beach. Water services only. Gets very busy with not a great deal of space.
Photo Blog Post

Mortagne-sur-Gironde N45°28’34 W000°47’34
Pay aire right on a lovely harbour with a small selection of restaurants etc. Water and electric available. Cheaper to stop at the farm adjacent.
Photo Blog Post

La Suze-sur-Sarthe N47°53’22 E000°01’52
Pleasant aire just outside of lovely town and next to municipal campsite. small charge of €3 but included electric. Long cable needed.
Photo Blog Post

Caudebec-En-Caux N49°31’15 E000°43’38
Small aire on the banks of the Seine, just down the road from La Mailleraye sur Seine.
Blog Post

Le Touquet – Paris Plage N50°32.142′ E001°39.852′
Aire by marina. Charges €7 a night and an extra &euro2 for the use of the water facilities. Quite a walk into town.
Blog Post

North West Spain

Aire with water services on the car park of a wildlife park. Close to both a large lake and the elephant enclosure.
Photo Blog Post

Cangas de Onis
Aire just outside large vibrant and busy town. Not many specific parking bays but plenty of room. Water services only.
Blog Post

Wild camping spot just below a magnificent Basillica which stands on top of a hill. Plenty of places to park and stay when we visited.
Photo Blog Post

Faro de il la Pancha (Ribadeo) N43°33.17′ W7°02.32′
Wild camping right on the cliffs by the lighthouse. Isolated and beautiful.
Photo Blog Post

A Coruna
Aire well outside of the City, quite isolated but right on the seafront. Bar within walking distance is one of the maddest places I have ever experienced!
Photo Blog Post

Camarinas N43°07.43′ W009°11.04′
Wild camping on the surrounds of the small harbour. Not useful for anything over 6m as parking bays are really for cars but we experienced no problems here.
Blog Post

Finisterre Two spots here N42°54.55′ W09°15.58′ and N42°54.19′ W09°15.42′
First co-ordinate is wild camping on a small car park behind a restaurant, water available from tap on the beach which is seconds walk away.
Photo Blog Post
Second co-ordinate is wild camping on the main port in Finisterre. Plenty of restaurants about and free wi-fi from the port.
Blog Post

Small aire right on the beach front with a small restaurant adjacent. 10 minute walk into town. Water services available.
Photo Blog Post

Vilanove de Arousa N42°34.26 W08°49.44
Wild camping on car park close to sea next to football field.
Photo Blog Post

Combarro N42°25.44 W08°42.23
Wild camping on the port. Police drove past several times but we were not disturbed.
Photo Blog Post


Vilar da Veiga N41°40’40″ W08°10’34″
Wild camping spot right next to a large lake and boating hire centre. Isolated but beautiful.
Photo Blog Post

Ovar Beach N40°52.10′ W008°40.41′
Wild camping on a large beach car park. Nice town five minutes walk away.
Photo Blog Post

Paria de Mira N40°27.02′ W08°48.10′
Wild camping just outside the gates of a municipal camping ground that was closed when we arrived. Town is a 20 minute walk away.
Blog Post

Figueira da Foz N40°08.51′ W08°52.06′
Wild camping in a large car park just on the edges of a the large town and next to the beach. Very busy when we went with shops and restaurants within easy walking distance. Black water dump available.
Blog Post

Fatima N39°38.03′ W08°40.17′
Wild camping on the car park for the enormous religous site. Toilet block closed when we were there but there were reports of them being open earlier. Altogether a very strange town.
Photo Blog Post

Evora N38°33.58′ W07°54.24′
Wild camping on large car park just outside of town. Fairly isolated at night but other motorhomes usually about.
Blog Post

Baragem de Peg Altar N38°25’14 W8°23’29
Wild camping on the baragem (dam). Loads of motorhomes about, cafe 5 minutes walk and black water disposal available. Water also available close by.
Blog Post

Baragem de Monte de Rocha N37°43’47 W08°16’42
Wild camping by the baragem. Small cafe famous for it’s chicken across road, plenty of motorhomes about.
Photo Blog Post

Silves N37°11’08 W08°26’43
Wild camping in the large car park of the modern leisure centre. Loads of motorhomes, gorgeous town with all facilities and free wi-fi.
Blog Post

Senhora da Rocha – Porches N37°05’50 W08°23’10
Wild camping on cliffs overlooking the ocean. Stunninig place to be with restaurants nearby.
Photo Blog Post

Sagres N37°00’16 W08°56’43
Wild camping on car park to the fort at Sagres. Loads of room and possibility to dump black waste in drains by toilets.
Photo Blog Post

Bordeira N37°11’34 W08°54’10
Wild camping on sandy beach car park. Nicely isolated and a beautiful place.
Photo Blog Post

Boca do Rio N37°03.992 W008°48.526
Isolated spot right on the stoney beach. Plently of motorhomes about and supermarket just up the road. Water refils available from cemetery (
Photo Blog Post

Altura N37°10.256′ W007°30.037′
Wild camping on beach front car park with a decent restaurant. Black water dunp possible in drains behind toilets. Free wi-fi in town.
Blog Post

Monsaraz N38°26.544′ W007°22.801′
Wild camping in car park of fortified town. Water available from cemetery. Town has some restaurants and bars but is essentially a working town.
Photo Blog Post

Marvao N39°23’38 W7°22’25
Wild camping just outside of the fortified town outside a convent. Water available from tap. Views over Spain.
Photo Blog Post

Almeida N40°43’39 W6°54’16
Specific parking for motorhome outside this fortified town. Toilets and free electricity available (long lead required)
Photo Blog Post

Izeda N41°34.053′ W006°43.385′
Portuguese aire in the middle of a small town. Water services from French style machine. Shops etc within easy walking.
Photo Blog Post

South West Spain

    El Rocio N37°07’53 W006°29’11
    Wild camping in another town strange enough to rival Fatima. Sand tracks for roads and loads of people on horses. A little bit mad!
    Photo Blog Post

    Tarifa N36°01’26 W005°36’59
    Wild camping on small car park by council refuse station but next to beach. Town with all facilities 5 minutes walk. Ferries to Morocco.
    Photo Blog Post

    Valverde del Camino N37°34.871′ W006°45.088′
    Aire just outside a small town. Water facilities available.
    Blog Post


    8 responses

    2 10 2010

    Hi Steve.
    Thanks for your info from this site.We are travelling down to the Algarve this winter/Feb-March 2011. WE usually stop on aires in france/ wild camp in spain.
    This will be are first trip to Portugal.


    4 10 2010
    Steve Green

    Hi Tony. Hope you find the information useful and maybe we will see you down there!

    18 11 2010

    Hi Steve
    This is great I have been trying to work out a route but yours has solved the problem for me ideal for my first time to northern Spain
    Many thanks

    18 11 2010
    Steve Green

    Glad it could be of help Richard. Enjoy your time there, we will be heading off in a week or so time but this time we won’t be spending so much time in that area, Northern Portugal and the Algarve for this Winter for us.

    18 12 2010

    Thank you for putting such good information, photos etc. This is a nice way to share these great spots without going too public.

    9 07 2011
    william cummings

    Hello Steve,
    Good to see more places to stop with the gps co-ordinates, thanks.
    Have you been to the wild site at Villamoura recently? We are going through Spain and Portugal again this autumn, but this site last year was being cleaned up by the council. There was a rumour that it was to be a park. If anyone could confirm that we cannot park there anymore, it would save us the bother.

    22 12 2012
    thomas burrell

    Fabulous information i will use on my way to portugal and south of spain we
    were portugal two years ago a wonderfull place for motor homes.

    30 12 2012

    Thank you Steve. We haven’t done much wild camping, usually campsites, but this looks interesting and cheap for us OAP’s. Starting point just south of Cartegena,where we have left our MH over Christmas…so will find some of your suggestions in reverse order..plenty of time, home end April. Happy camping

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