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As a rule I hate these ‘About’ pages but on this occasion I think it is important that I provide some information about me so the blog has some meaning to those who may come across it.

I was made redundant in February 2009 from a job which I had done, with the same company, for nigh on 21 years. I developed an interest in photography in 2001 and now class it as my main hobby and interest. One day I may even be able to make some money out of it but for the meantime I am fuelling this interest by being an active member of the Wrekin Arts photographic Society based in Wellington in Shropshire and the internet based DAPA Group.

I have had numerous sucesses with my photographs being exhibited in countries such as America, Spain, Italy, India, Sweden and Qatar as well as throughout the UK.

A full list of acceptances can be seen here

Currently travelling around Europe with my wife and our dog Jack in our motorhome.

If you would like to contact me then please feel free to comment on one of my blog submissions.


26 responses

3 06 2009
David Turner

Congratulations on getting this going so quickly – you were only musing over the possibility on Monday! It’s an interesting read and I look forward to keeping abreast of your progress and news as you travel around Europe.

3 06 2009
Steve Green

Thanks David. The initial use will be to blog about the Arts Festival which will ease me gently into this new world, however, I can see all kinds of stuff being added as well!

4 06 2009
David Turner

Oh, and I love the frieze you’ve used of your photo of the trees at Barrow

7 06 2009
Allan Price

Brave move starting a blog!
All the best with it, Steve.

12 08 2009
Chloe West

Hey Steve!
just wanted to say thanks for the zombiefied pic of me, it’s really cool (:
(i was the one with the curly brown hair and someone said on flicker i had nice teeth for someone undead hahaha)
it was lovely to meet you and your extremely talented.
did you enjoy big chill then?
keep snapping

12 08 2009
Steve Green

We had a great time Chloe……..was glad to get home on Sunday though I don’t think we could have lasted until Monday!

12 01 2010

congratulations on your motorhome blog. as a motorcaravanner for longer than i can remember and a photographer as well. member at Shropshire Photographic I awas sent your link by a friend from Lowestoft who we travel awat with last year to the outer Hebrides and Corsica this year to Hungary and Poland. My photography now consists of mainly for my own pleasure and friends and I have not entered many comps lately, but we were away in the West Country for the New Year

13 01 2010

hi Steve,

Thank you for keeping your fascinating blog up to date, its truly wonderful.
I feel like I am there with you at times..and I know what you mean about everything being closed in French towns!! Did my fair share of travelling thru them when kids were little.
Keep blogging!!! I love it. Gives me a little escape from life in dreary ice and snow-bound Leighton Buzzard.
lots of love
ps the photos are magnificent, Olivia is desperate to talk pics with you, she has a new mega professional Canon and is showing real potential.

22 01 2010
Steve & Sonia

Hi Steve,

I must say that I am most impressed with the quality of your photography !!!

In my younger years I was very into photography myself, and still have a Canon Eos RT and my trusty old Nikon FM2 hiding in the loft….35mm is so passe these days !

However, once I realised that I had no real talent my interest waned. You, however, have a great eye.

Having looked at your blog, I’ve realised that you are already south of where we will be house-sitting in Eymoutiers….perhaps our paths may cross soon.

We are now in Pego, Spain, but have to head north into france and be in Eymoutiers by Thurs 28th Jan.

Will let you know our route and maybe we can finally actually meet !!?

More soon, Steve & Sonia

4 02 2010
peter rees

enjoyed your blog.Missing you at Wrekin.Lets have more pics of Jack. Best to you both. See you again sometime.

16 02 2010
Rob & Gemma

Hi Steve, Lorna and Jack

We are on the build up to our adventure, basically the same as you but in 4 month’s time, reding your blog is making us look forward to it even more. Enjoy your travels.

Rob, Gemma and Daisy dog.

18 02 2010
Steve Green


Hope some of the information is of use, where are you planning to go?

22 02 2010
Bill W

Just read the ream of emails twixt you and HP.

Don’t you just ‘love’ the set-piece paragraphs and the cosy personalising.

I suggest, with the evidence you already have on file, that you worry not about voiding the warranty and either replace the hard-drive yourself or by a shop.

On your return give HP one chance to reinburse you then issue County Court proceedings (about thirty quid) for recovery of ALL costs.

Worked for me with both Sony and EBuyer when I had similar problem – both resulted in full refunds of over £1000 by return.

SO bl**dy frustrating isn’t it.


25 03 2010
Peter Gennard

Whilst you are in Silves, don’t forget to call into Racal Clube. That is where they hold the Algarve Salon.

25 03 2010
Steve Green

Do you think it would still be on Pete? We must have walked past the place today looking at the map. Might have a wander up now and see actually.

25 03 2010
Steve Green

Actually, looking at the web site the building we walked past earlier today was the Racal Clube. Closed for renovation at the moment unfortunately. It looks like a converted church, very pretty building. Thanks for the heads up though Pete.

30 09 2010
Sonya Chasey

Having taken a bit more of a look through your blog I have to say your photos are really beautiful – they immediately demand attention!
Best of luck.

15 03 2011
Rob and Val

Hi, will post more details, but briefly, we would appreciate any info relating to long term (maybe full timing abroad) vehicle insurance, seems to be max 30 days on all UK companies, is it easier to insure in France for example or are there UK companies that do it?
Thanks for the Blog, interesting reading.

Rob & Val

19 03 2011
Steve Green

Try talking to Comfort Insurance, they do full timing insurance but at a premium! Full timing abroad could pose a problem, best of luck with it and thanks for the comment.

25 12 2011
Paul Romaines

Happy Christmas Steve and Lorna, I met you in Alvor, I was on my scooter.
Your blog is really interesting, I’ve enjoyed it reading it very much.
We are coming out on the 27th and if you are around we’ll pop in to say hello.
Stay safe and have a lovely day.

13 01 2012
Steve Green

Hi Paul, missed you on the 27th but thanks for the comment and nice to meet you 🙂

26 03 2013

Hi Steve, great Blog.
From your experience do you think myself and my girlfriend would get away with wild camping around vernwy in a small tent?

26 03 2013
Steve Green

Can’t see why not, a tent is a little more discreet than a motorhome. I’d wait for fairer weather though!

21 08 2014
Brian Lacey

Hi Steve, just wanted to thank you for the interesting literature in your blogs, thank you for bothering, Brian Lacey

17 01 2017
Steve Ross

Hi Steve I have used your travel blog and enjoyed it immensly ,have you stopped blogging or travelling? as I couldn’t find any recent trips.

18 01 2017
Steve Green

Hi Steve,
We’ve not stopped our travels as I’m writing this from Spain, but the blogging has stopped unfortunately. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad the information has been of help, though sime of it may be well outdated now.

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