24th November – Leaving Brugge

24 11 2011

Well the meal of moules frites went very well. We had asked Jeff and Marie-Jeanne to pick a restaurant in town for us to have our meal and they picked the perfect one, right in the centre and just looking over a small square where the bustle of daily life carried on. We had done the Brugge thing and cycled into town and then we all took our time over the meal, enjoying the view and soaking up the atmosphere. The restaurant we ate in was actually shown on the film In Brugge which we had watched the night before, we reckon we recognised a few places from the city in the film too. Meal finished we then went to Cambrinus which is a famous pub in the city which has a menu of 400 different beers! Excellent.

Beer Menu

We managed to get some way through the massive menu and then ordered our drinks which were soon delivered and then the tasting began. I’m liking the choice of Belgian beers available, they are strong though, one I had was 10% and it tasted wonderful. Unfortunately we only had time for a couple of beers there but it is definitely somewhere that I would like to go to again, maybe we will be stopping off at a supermarket on our way back and getting a selection in especially as I’m now out of Purity Gold! Tuesday afternoon was spent relaxing over a few cups of tea and then, when our hosts left we had a chilled out night watching TV.

Lorna and I

We were up earlier on Wednesday morning as we were all off to the market in the centre. Jeff and I walked in with Jack whilst Lorna and Marie-Jeanne took their bikes in again. The market was fairly typical, plenty of vegetables, plenty of cheese, plenty of meat. We bought some cooked chicken and spare ribs for our lunch as well as a few blocks of cheese and some saucison for me and then, back at our hosts house we ate well and had a few beers. Marie-Jeanne works on Wednesday afternoons supporting carers for people who suffer from dementia so we spent a while longer with Jeff before a steady walk back and another late afternoon and evening just relaxing in the motorhome.

I decided to take my ‘proper’ camera into Brugge and capture a few shots of places that I had previously photographed with my cameraphone. Loads more detail in these shots obviously but I still enjoy the ease of the cameraphone, I think that if I manage an even split between proper camera shots and cameraphone shots I will have done well. Again, more photos on my Flickr stream.



23112011 Brugge3

As I write this we are just getting ready to head off down back into France where we are meeting our travelling partners Marion and Dave at an aire called Hondschoote. From there it is all South and toward Portugal. We have decided to treat these five days as a holiday as with campsite fees and meals out we are way over our normal day to day budget, it’s been well worth it though as we have had a brilliant time in Brugge. We’ll be sad to leave.




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