19th March 2011 – La Mailleraye-sur-Seine to St. Valery-en-Caux.

19 03 2011

St. Valery-en-Caux is somewhere we had been before, a nice aire right on the sea and close to a nice town with a large marina and this was the place that we had decided would be our next stop off on our continuing journey north and toward Calais for our eventual return to the UK. We left La Mailleraye-sur-Seine late morning and, after emptying our waste water, we hit the road for the journey which would take just under an hour and a half. As the journey wasn’t too long we decided that we would stop off on the way and take the opportunity to do some more on the internet, this blog was way out of date and I had all of the words and photos to get uploaded, plus I fancied another burger! Although I didn’t manage to get everything done on the internet I did thoroughly enjoy a chicken and bacon burger with fries, Lorna enjoyed a coffee but did have a bit of trouble getting one with milk and eventually had to go back to the motorhome to get some as the girl behind the counter refused to serve a black coffee with milk, unless she had a latte…….most strange. Again the internet connection was slow and I again managed to leave without getting up to date which was most frustrating.

We arrived at St. Valery-en-Caux relatively early in the afternoon and managed to find a spot right on the front looking over the harbour and, after a walk with Jack into town to get a token for the service point we filled up with water and settled in for a lazy afternoon.

19-03-2011 St Valery-en-Caux

We didn’t really know what we were going to have for our dinner and after a bit of a discussion on the subject I walked back into town and managed to get to the butchers and order a big slab of steak before they closed, I also got a jar of haricot verts and then walked into the main part of town, to the supermarket, and got us a nice bottle of St. Nicholas de Bourgueil which was a bit of a snip at €5.99, the most expensive bottle of wine we have bought since coming abroad (restaurants excluded). We then settled for an extremely tasty meal and a relaxing evening in, it was cold though, much colder than we had been for a good while so extra blankets were required for a comfortable nights sleep.




2 responses

24 03 2011

Bet that MacDonalds person had no stars on their badge.

29 03 2011

I read Lorna’s comments about the latte – strange…

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