18th March 2011 – La Mailleraye-sur-Seine.

18 03 2011

We were rudely awoken at 4.20am this morning with our alarm going off. The main alarm had been triggered by the gas alarm inside. The gas alarm is located right by the bottom of the door and is designed to detect noxious gasses that might be harmful to humans (there has been many rumors about people being gassed and robbed in their motorhomes and this device was fitted to the motorhome when we bought it). When I got up to turn off the alarm and investigate what had caused it to go off I noticed that Jacks behind was right against it, he’d obviously let one go and the alarm had decided that we were in great danger. They can stink, but they are not THAT bad and we were soon back to sleep, alarm off to prevent any further disturbances.

We had a bit of a lie in in the morning and decided that we would not go anywhere at all, rather have our chill out day here. The weather wasn’t brilliant, a little foggy and not particularly warm so we took Jack out for a walk into the small town and had a look around the church and the streets which have some lovely old houses in them. On the way back to the motorhome we discussed going out for lunch as there are two restaurants within a minutes walk of where we were parked. One we had visited lat time we were here, but only for drinks and so we perused both menus and tried to see which one we preferred. We hadn’t really mad our minds up when we were stood outside, all dressed up and ready to eat but finally decided that we should go back to the one that we had been into before, it looked as though it had been updated inside and they had confit de canard on the menu which is one of Lorna’s favorites. We were soon seated and making our way through our rather generous aperitifs when Lorna got talking to the waitress who confirmed that they had taken the place over in May, both her and her husband were obviously keen and very friendly so we felt as though we had made the right choice. This was further confirmed when the entrees arrived, I had a meat tart (very much like a Cornish pastie but much tastier that I remember them being) and Lorna had a beef terrine, both incredibly tasty. For our mains Lorna had the confit de canard and I stuck with the steak and chips, washed down with a nice bottle of red wine. Deserts were an apple tart for me and a cheese course for Lorna, followed by a digestive and a coffee. We had had our meal out that we had promised ourselves and were both very satisfied indeed, they certainly know how to cook and look after you at ‘Au Bord ‘L’Eau’.

It was still raining when we returned to the motorhome so we had a lazy afternoon letting our lunch go down, helped by some more wine and nibbles later on in the evening. We started to watch some of the Comic Relief show but we didn’t manage to watch it for too long before heading to bed.




3 responses

24 03 2011

I knew it was going to be Jack as soon as you said the alarm had gone off. πŸ™‚

24 03 2011

Ahh, don’t you just love those doggie ones πŸ˜‰

25 03 2011

I’m coughing and spluttering with laughter reading about Jack’s noxious flatulence!

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