17th March 2011 – Gace to La Mailleraye-sur-Seine.

17 03 2011

We had to be up early today as the parking on the aire at Gace is only available between the hours of 5pm and 10am, worse still we were still working on British/Portuguese time and had not adjusted our clocks since leaving the UK at all meaning that we had to be up especially early to get moved on. We had decided that our next stop would be at La Mailleraye-sur-Seine, where we had stopped before on our last trip out, it’s a nice aire right on the banks of the River Seine and with just a few shops within 500 yards it is also nice and quiet, we would have our chill out time there. We still had not had access to the internet for a while following the disaster that was yesterday so on our way we stopped off at a McDonalds, had a coffee and burger and managed to get some, but not all, of our internet business done, the connection did seem to be particularly slow and waiting for the video that I took at Terrugem in Portugal took an age. In the end we both got a bit bored and decided to leave it and get to our destination.

Once we arrived at La Mailleraye-sur-Seine we parked up and then decided to nip to the Shoppi to get some provisions. We had seen adverts for a circus at the weekend and as we walked to the Shoppi we passed by as they were setting up. Strange sight seeing a camel grazing on the grass as well as numerous goats (quite why they would be in a circus I have no idea) and, a great big lioness who was happily gnawing away at some rather large bones. Despite it being of the cat family, Jack took very little notice indeed……….sensible lad! On our way back to the motorhome we bought ourselves a couple of cakes from the Patisserie as a treat to have after our dinner. In the afternoon we chilled out and watched the large empty container vessels sail slowly down the Seine toward the sea, our evening was spent eating our very tasty chilli, woofing down the cakes we had bought , watching TV and relaxing.




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