15th March 2011 – Vivonne to Azay Le Rideau.

15 03 2011

We didn’t leave Vivonne particularly early today, but after another walk in the park with Jack we were on our way to a little town called Villaines-Les-Rochers, a small town which was not a massive drive away and had an aire there (N47°13.281′ E000°29.723′). On the way there we stopped off at L’ille Bouchard and got some supplies in at the small Lidl there as well as filling up with diesel at the Super U, which cost just over €90! Before this though we passed through a town called Richelieu which looked like an amazing place, there must have been an absolutely huge chateau there, as we drove toward the town we had a wall on our right and this wall continued for ages and ages, behind it we could occasionally see beautifully laid out woods but no sign of the chateau. As we entered thew town itself we drove over a moat, this looked as though it encircled the entire town which was laid out in straight roads with beautiful houses all along. It really did look like an amazing place and somewhere that we will be making a point of going to and spending some time there in the future. We never did get to see the chateau.

In an effort to conserve fuel I am driving around France with as little fresh water in our tank as possible, the effect of carrying 100 litres of water around with us must have some adverse effect on the fuel consumption. This does mean however that we are having to get water most days, not so much of a problem in France as the network of aires does make things much easier, trick is to find the ones that provide the water for free. Some aires have the machines there that dispense 100 litres of water for around €2 (usually by buying a token in a local shop), these are of no real use to use as we only really need to have about 30 litres on board at any one time, and though €2 isn’t a lot of money it seems like a waste. The aire at Villaines-Les-Rochers has ‘custom’ aire services which usually means just a tap and a drain, ideal. We pulled up in the village and got ourselves some water before moving to the designated parking area just in front of the Town Hall, we then had a bite to eat and took Jack for a walk around the small and very quiet town which had lots of houses built into the rocks. For some reason I didn’t fancy staying there so we had a look at the map and identified another aire at a town just up the road, Azay Le Rideau. The drive there was less than half an hour and when we arrived we were both glad that we decided to move on. The parking was right outside the municipal campsite (N47°15.555′ E000°28.164′) and directly adjacent to a sports field, quiet but not too much out of the way. To get there we drove through the town which was very pretty and also had a big chateau, so once we were parked up and settled we took Jack out for a bit of investigation. The town had lots of little bars and cafes and numerous expensive looking restaurants, one really caught my eye and I tried to convince Lorna that we should go there later in the evening, it seemed like ages since we had been out for something to eat and I was feeling like a bit of a treat. Lorna was not too keen to be going out though so after a quick look at the chateau (€8 entrance per adult) and more investigation in the town we went back to the motorhome and settled in for the night.




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24 03 2011

Free ‘open’ wifi at the parking area in Villaines-Les-Rochers – comes in handy!

26 03 2011
Steve Green

If I had have known that i might have stayed longer! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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