14th March 2011 – Nersac to Vivonne.

14 03 2011

We were in no particular rush today so a lie in was followed by a walk for Jack, breakfast and general pottering about, filling up with water, showering, emptying out and finally getting on our way to Vivonne which was about an hour and fifteen minutes away at about 12.30pm.

As planned we used the N10 for the majority of the journey there, and, despite a small diversion when the main road was closed in the town of Vivonne (where we met a British couple who had difficulty turning around in their tag axle Autotrail) we arrived at the aire without any further incidents (N46°25.553′ E000°15.773′). We had some lunch and then went for a long walk with Jack around the local park.

14-03-2011 Vivonne4

It was almost like being back in England walking around the wooded park, the trees were most autumnal and we could have easily been back in Shropshire. Walking toward the town we passed the double weir which presented a lovely photographic opportunity as did the walk through the open area adjacent, the lovely parkland and the running water made for a very relaxing time.

14-03-2011 Vivonne

Lorna went to the local supermarket in the town as we needed a few things but the €1.75 for a small dog food tin was just too much so we left that and eventually found a Super U which had dog food twice the size for €0.70, it pays to shop around!

Back at the motorhome after nigh on three hours out we had lamb chops for our dinner with a bottle of Bergerac and then settled down to an evening of double Corrie and an early night.




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