13th March 2011 – Bourg-sur-Gironde to Nersac.

13 03 2011

We slept well and were up just after 9am to move on, though we didn’t really know where to. First job was to nip into town to get some bread for our lunch, as we walked up the steep steps I spotted the Boulanger to our right, there seemed to be a lot of people about for some reason and we soon realised that there was a Sunday market on in the town square. We love these little markets and invariably we end up buying lots of things from the local producers, on this occasion we bought cheese, bread, cakes, tomatoes and a nice cured sausage, that stocked the cupboards up for a bit at least. Back at the motorhome we had another cup of coffee and decided to head toward a place called Montguyon which was just off the N10, plan was to go there and have a look around and then head off somewhere else to spend the night. On our way there we changed our minds and decided to head straight to a place called Nersac which had an aire there with free electricity (N45°37.555′ E000°03.004′). Lorna wasn’t feeling too well after suffering with her stomach overnight so a comfortable stop with unlimited power for TV and computers seemed like a good idea.

We arrived at Nersac and quickly found the well signposted aire. There were two other motorhomes there neither of which were plugged in so I assumed that maybe the electricity wasn’t working. We both had a bite to eat during which the other two motorhomes left, maybe they had just stopped for lunch and wouldn’t have plugged in for that time I thought so I decided to try the electric. It worked, excellent! Our afternoon and evening was spent with me exercising Jack on the field close by, taking photos of the building next to the aire and processing some photos from the previous few days whilst Lorna relaxed and watched TV. Dinner was pasta with onions and some of the gorgeous sausage we bought earlier in the day.





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