12th March 2011 – Biarritz to Bourg-sur-Gironde.

12 03 2011

Our route through France will mainly be concentrated on the N10 which is the most direct route from South West France to Calais, along the way we will be calling in at various places for overnight stops. Though we normally use the ‘All the Aires in France’ book I have also downloaded all of the French Aire GPS co-ordinates from the French i-Camping Car website which is a more exhaustive database. We are kind of planning to drive around two hours per day and our first stop from Biarritz was subject of much discussion, the aires in the Atlantic region didn’t really seem to be hitting the spot from what we could make out from the book (I think that maybe we have visited and stayed at the best ones on our route through that region) so, we got the sat-nav out and eventually decided to head for a little town called Bourg-sur-Gironde which was about three hours away.

12-03-2011 Biarritz

First thing was a good walk on the beach in Biarritz, possibly our last beach stop, it was a lovely day and Milady Plage is a really nice beach to be on. Soon after we were back at the motorhome getting ready for the off. We had no details on Bourg-sur-Gironde but we knew it was right by a Port so it was worth a look and there was bound to be parking available. The journey was fairly relaxed and when we eventually arrived at our destination it was immediately clear that we would be stopping the night.

12-03-2011 Bourg2

The parking (N45°02’17 W0°33’26) was on a large car park with house to one side and the river to the other, the town close by had a restaurant and cafe within a minutes walk and more shops within 10 minutes walk up the hill. The buildings were beautiful too, typically French, some looking derelict and falling down , others beautifully presented and sitting above where we were parked.

12-03-2011 Bourg

A really nice town, called Bourg-sur-Gironde, but according to one of the signs by the side of the river it is actually on the Dordogne as, in time the flow of the waters has changed but they didn’t change it’s name. We were originally parked there by ourselves but soon after we returned from a walk around we were joined by two other motorhomes and had a very pleasant evening in.

12-03-2011 Bourg5




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