11th March 2011 – Palencia (Spain) to Biarritz (France)

11 03 2011

We were out on the road by 9.15am this morning on our long journey from Spain back into France. The sat-nav was quoting just over 4 hours to Hendaye Plage which is our usual last stop in France before entering Spain, on the way back however we fancied a night at Biarritz as the aire there is very nice and has electric hook ups, there is a €10 charge per night but we were not particularly worried about that. The journey ended up taking us just over five hours with a short stop for a bite to eat and a re-fueling stop (the diesel price in Spain was €1.29 and in France €1.49 so it was worth the refill). We arrived in Biarritz and were glad to see that the aire wasn’t too busy and that there was an electricity point available, excellent. We were tired after the journey but a walk on the beach with Jack soon put paid to our fatigue.

23-03-2011 Biarritz2

After a visit to the supermarket to get some dinner, I was soon on the roof of the motorhome adjusting the satellite LNB to get a better signal, moving so far north meant that I could now use the normal transponder that is used in the UK and there was a good chance that we would be able to get all of the channels that we should be, ITV1 included. The adjustment was successful and we had a full range of channels so the evening was spent eating a steak dinner and watching Coronation Street and Benidorm before retiring to bed.




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