9th March 2011 Caceres to Palencia.

9 03 2011

Our drive from Caceres to Palencia was 3 hours 50 minutes according to the sat-nav but as we rarely go as fast as the speed limit it always takes much longer than the sat-nav suggests so we were banking on at least 4 hours plus stops for lunch and refueling. We set off, in the rain, at around 9.30am and started our journey which started pretty badly as, at the entrance to the car park we were in the sat-nav told me to turn left, I did and it immediately then told me to turn around, typical. So, I ended up driving around the back streets of Caceres to get back on to the main road. That done we headed off into the wilderness, through some sparse but lovely scenery. As we headed toward, through and past Plasencia the scenery was particularly nice as the low clouds hung to the mountains making for some very dramatic scenes. The road from Salamanca to our destination of Palencia was less dramatic as the land was very flat and pretty lifeless except for around Valladollid which looks like a huge sprawl of a city. The one saving grace of this journey was the fact that I was able to listen to the RNE 3 radio station which plays some great tunes, lots of lo-fi and electronic.


We arrived at Palencia just after 2pm, giving a journey time of just over 4 and a half hours, not too bad really. We were both tired and a bit munchy but first thing was to give Jack a walk as he had been very patient throughout the drive. After a short walk we left him to sleep a little more and we both headed off into town to get some food, we knew exactly where the Burger King was and that suited us both fine. Back at the motorhome we rested for a while before heading back into town with Jack for another walk. There was a fun fair just kicking into action and there were people there putting a stage up, more Lent celebrations from what we could see. Unfortunately we were both a little too tired to have a night on the town so we had a late dinner of chicken with pepper, garlic and ginger served with cous cous, quick, easy and most tasty.




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