8th March 2011 – Terrugem (Portugal) to Caceres (Spain)

8 03 2011

The music started and it was loud, that loud thumping that you hear when some young lad in a Nova SR pulls up and turns up his subwoofer, but it wasn’t coming from a car, it was coming from the small bar/social club not far from where we were parked. We had seen a few people dressed up as we passed through Borba yesterday and we soon found out why.

It was the Carnaval. The celebration that happens four days before Ash Wednesday. It is something that we later realised we experienced last time we were out and at A’ Coruna in Spain, that time though the music started very early morning. This time the music started late and continued throughout the night, in fact it didn’t stop until early morning, or late morning depending on your perspective, it was just after 6am when I decided to go outside and shoot this video with our little compact camera.

Just after this was taken the music stopped, 6.30am I reckon and we had had a bit of sleep but not much. Unfortunately, just as the music stopped it started to rain heavily so we had a very restless night overall. After a bit of sleep we were woken by music again at 9.30am, the cleaner must have turned to PA back on. We have made a mental note to make sure that when we are abroad this time next year to either be in the thick of it for the Carnaval and join in, or be somewhere very isolated to try and avoid the disturbed sleep.

By 11am we had packed everything up and were headed off out of Portugal and into Spain for our first stop of two nights in that country before getting back into France. We headed for Caceres as there is an official aire there and passed through the Portuguese town of Elvas which we noted had plenty of parking so we will be back there for a good look around next time we are in the area , we also passed through some lovely countryside on our way, it’s a shame it was raining really as I’m sure the views would have been much more spectacular had the skies been clear. Arriving at Caceres (N39°28.817′ W006°22.123′) around an hour and a half later we had a small lunch and eventually dragged ourselves out of the motorhome for a walk around the town with Jack. We walked through lots of narrow little streets filled with character, and graffiti, up to the main square which was all cordoned off as it was being repaved. Caceres certainly is a lovely place and probably needed more investigation that we managed to give it but we were both pretty knackered after our sleepless night and, knowing we had a long drive up to Palencia tomorrow we spent much of our time in Caceres, in the motorhome resting.




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