7th March 2011 – Terrugem

7 03 2011

We had a fairly slow day today. The morning was spent walking Jack around the small town of Terrugem. There is not a lot in the town at all, mainly residential with one cafe and a small shop, the town seems to be split into two parts, the older part having the traditional Portuguese single story terraced bungalows with the occasional ruin added in for good measure, and then the newer part of the town which has some pretty large houses, all set along tree lined avenues. After a small lunch we headed off to the next town Borba which is famous for its locally produced wine, we had read about a wine co-operative there and so we went along to get some more stock. Unfortunately it wasn’t as cheap as we had expected there but we still managed to taste a few and come away with numerous bottles which were promptly put away in our storage lockers underneath the motorhome. We did buy a couple of bottles for consumption before we get back to the UK and we enjoyed a bottle of white wine with our dinner of chicken and vegetables.

We both had a fairly early night, heading to bed at around 10pm, as we were lying in bed we started to hear things happening outside, a few cars arriving, a few people chatting and then the music started.




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