6th March 2011 – Barragem de Pego do Altar to Terrugem.

6 03 2011

We had decided that we would move on today and our plans were to go to the campsite in Alcacer do Sal which was just a fifteen minute drive down the road. We had two full toilet cassettes and an empty fresh water tank so the services there would have been helpful, it would also mean that we could plug in for a while and charge up as well as being located close to the supermarkets where we were going to go to get our stocks of wine (having decided on which we were going to get the other night), in addition the supermarket in Alcacer sold LPG and we were running low on that too. We packed all of our stuff up, said our goodbyes to the folk that we had met there and headed off of the short journey to our next stop.

By the time that we had got to the end of the service road for the Barragem we had changed our minds and decided instead to head east toward the Spanish borders.

We wanted to head toward a place called Elvas as we knew of an aire close by in a town called Terrugem which we stopped at last time out. We had been told by Bob at the Barragem that we would be able to get LPG at Montemor-o-Novo which was on that route and also that there were supermarkets there too so the stocking up with wine could also be done, no need for a campsite stop then. After a short drive we arrived in Montemor-o-Novo and soon found both the supermarkets and the LPG station so all things sorted we headed on to Vila Vicosa to fill up and empty out.

The service point at Vila Vicosa (N38°46’09” W07°24’57”)was just that, not somewhere that you would probably stop as it was in the car park of the Bombeiros and out of the main town by quite a walk so after we had sorted ourselves out we decided that we would drive on to Elvas. Again things changed as soon as we set off and I decided that I wanted to have a look around the town of Vila Vicosa as well as having a spot of lunch. We headed into town and found a nice spot to park the motorhome right next to the castle walls (N38°46’55 W07°24’57) there were other motorhomes there and it certainly looked as though they were stopping for the night. After a spot of lunch we walked into town and what a place it was, the area is famed for its stocks of marble and as you drive into the region you see huge piles of stones where the mines are. In the town there is marble everywhere, even the curbstones and pavements are marble. We walked up into the castle and realised that inside the walls was actually a small fortified town, from there we headed toward a huge church and came across this huge marble palace, apparently one of the largest in the country.

Vila Vicosa

We then wandered back to the motorhome and though we could have stayed the night at Vila Vicosa we decided that we would head on to Terrugem and spend the night there instead. There were two other British motorhomes there when we arrived so after a chat with them we had a walk with Jack and a quiet evening in.




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