3rd to 5th March 2011 – Barragem de Pego Do Altar

5 03 2011

We had stocked up at the supermarket before we got to the Barragem so we knew that we would be good for a few days but we didn’t really intend on stopping for as long as we did. We had a most relaxing few days and this was helped by being with some great people there, mainly British.

It’s a strange thing about this particular spot that most of the people that seem to go there in motorhomes are the British, of course, other nationalities also frequent the place but you can always guarantee that there will be someone from our own country there. On our second day there we met Paul and Lynne who pulled up next to us and immediately got chatting, it wasn’t long before we were sat outside sipping beer and swapping stories as well as spots to go, they were on their way down to the Algarve but were planning to head off into Spain and then north into Germany before returning home later in the year, sounded like a nice route to take and Germany is somewhere that both Lorna and I want to visit in the motorhome as, like France, they have a large network of specific places for motorhomes to park.

On Saturday we decided that we would all go to the restaurant at the Barragem for a meal, Lorna was hankering after the fried rabbit that is a house specialty and the dish that she had when we ate there on our last trip out. I ended up having something that they called Black Pork Secret which actually turned out to be very similar to the pork chops that Paul had, main difference being that I got a salad which was obviously the ‘secret’ part. When we returned to the motorhome, having consumed a fair amount of wine, we sat out in the sun and carried on drinking and chatting, in fact we sat out for a good while and were obviously making a bit of a din as people from other motorhomes there came to join us, it seemed as though there was almost a ‘two in, two out’ thing going on as one minute it was one couple then a while later it was another. We had a great day and evening though.

Barragem de Pego do Altar

Sunday it rained. It rained for the majority of the day and that kept us in the motorhome apart from the odd hour when I walked up to the cafe to have a beer and use their internet connection for a while. I had to time my run back to the motorhome to avoid a right soaking. All in all a very quiet Sunday.




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