2nd March 2011 – Vila Nova de Milfontes to Barragem de Pego do Altar.

2 03 2011

We left Vila Nova de Milfontes mid-morning and headed off to our next stop off point which was Porto Covo, just a few miles up the road. We stopped to fill up with diesel at the local garage and realised that we hadn’t put any fuel into the motorhome for practically four weeks. In this time the price appeared to have shot up from around €1.30 to €1.41, looks like it is the same situation here as in the UK with rising fuel costs then. I put €50 in as we will soon be in Spain where hopefully it will be a little cheaper, I’ll fill the tank then. We had GPS co-ordinates for the parking area at Porto Covo so we headed straight there, our instructions mentioned another parking area short of the one we were headed to and as we drove out off the small town toward the cliffs we saw that area. There were about five motorhomes there but they had all clearly driven in via the exit as the entrance had a height barrier on it. Bit naughty really I think. If there is a height barrier there then clearly vehicles over a certain height are not welcome there so why drive in the exit and ignore it? Anyway, we headed on the narrow bumpy road toward the GPS position we had been given only to find that when we had ‘reached our destination’ there was nothing there, just a field. There was a small side turning off but I wasn’t prepared to take the motorhome down it so we decided to carry on and have a look at a recognised parking area in Sines, the next town up the coast.

Sines is a very industrial area from what we saw, a big port with huge tanker and cargo ships sailing past all the time. The road through was dual carriageway all the way and though we saw the parking area on the marina we decided not to stay and to just head on into Alcacer de Sal so we get some shopping in at the Lidl and then onto Barragem de Pego Do Altar. We had decided that we were going to stock up on Portuguese wine to bring back to the UK as it is both cheap and of good quality, especially the stuff from the Alenjento region which is where we were. We couldn’t resist buying two pieces of steak when we were at the supermarket and so, for our evening dinner we had fillet steak with vegetables and potatoes accompanied by a selection of wines which we were sampling to decide which ones to buy more of.




2 responses

6 03 2011

Fuel’s getting so expensive in UK I’m thinking of getting my bicycle out again. Enjoying your blog as ever.

19 03 2011
Steve Green

Now there is a scary thought! Hope you are both well, see you soon!

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