1st March 2011 – Vila Nova de Milfontes.

1 03 2011

As our location was so stunning we decided that another night here was in order which would allow us time to have a wander around the town and spend a little time walking on the beach. The day was another stunner, fairly windy but the sun was shining and making for a very pleasant climate. After a small and late breakfast we were off into the streets for a look around, we first headed toward the castle which stands right overlooking the estuary, behind this was a small square with a cafe and a number of cats which pleased Jack no end. We wandered up through the small streets until we hit the other side of town where we decided to turn back and head onto the beach for a while.

Some of the photos that I took on our walk around.

Vila Nova de Milfontes

01-03-2011 Vila Nova de Milfontes2

01-03-2011 Vila Nove de Milfontes3

After a bit of a relax mid-afternoon we were out again with Jack later on, this time on to the beach. We had been sat overlooking the beach for a short time when we heard a horse coming up the road which I suppose is nothing unusual but after the horse and rider had walked around the road a little they went down on to the beach and then started practicing dressage, the rider using the sea as a cut off and getting the huge white horse to walk sideways, typically I had not got my camera with me but it was a sight we won’t forget.




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