28th February 2011 – Odeceixe to Vila Nova de Milfontes.

28 02 2011

After a decent nights sleep we got up and walked Jack on the beach for the last time at Odeceixe and then set off on the main toad toward Odemira at about 11.30am in search of a supermarket to get our much needed provisions.

Wild Camping - Odeceixe

Luckily we didn’t have to travel that far as the next town along, Sao Teotonio, had a reasonably sized Intermarche so we stopped and spent just over €65 getting stocked up. From here we were wanting to have a look at some of the beaches that ran along the coast and our first stop was Almograve (N37°38.903 W008°48.291) which was a parking spot on top of cliffs overlooking the sea and beaches, the views were stunning, waves rolling in, hitting rocks before finally breaking onto a spotless beach, just beautiful. We had our lunch here but as it was both very windy and a little isolated we decided to move on and have a look at the next possible stop over at Vila Nova de Milfontes. The drive there was not very long and we were soon driving down the main road through the town which seemed to be quite lively, lots of shops and bars about. We had to drive right the way out of the other side of the town to get to the beaches and when we did we were presented with a stunning view. The road led out to a small ‘peninsula’ which had, on one side the calm waters of an estuary, whilst in front and to the other side, the crashing waves of the sea coming into the land. We found a parking space on the side of the road (N37°43.385 W008°47.175)and went for a walk to investigate a little further.

This place is a little slice of heaven, calm, quiet, relaxing, beautiful and picturesque. I took many photos as the sun went down and cast it’s pink light onto the buildings overlooking the estuary.

Vila Nova de Milfontes at Sunset

Our dinner was another fully cooked affair. We have been eating lots of vegetables of late as Lorna has gone through a phase of just sticking everything in the skillet pan and producing some great meals. Beef with vegetables for the last two nights and tonight, half a chicken breast each, load of veg and the statutory onion gravy.




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6 03 2011

Sounds good enough to eat! Glad your catering’s in good hands, Steve 🙂

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