25th – 27th February 2011 – Monchique to Odeceixe

27 02 2011

The weather over the last couple of days has been amazing. We saw temperatures of over 33° with no or little wind which, for me, was just a little too warm to be out and about so much of my time has been spent just pottering around both inside and out, taking Jack for a walk late afternoon and catching up on a few films. We had a walk virtually all the way to the centre of Caldas de Monchique, from the campsite, over the hills and down to the main road and then toward the water bottling ‘factory’ and then stopping off on the way back to take in a coffee and a beer at a small restaurant, that was about all the exercise we have had. We also managed to flush out our waste water tank as we were getting spurious readings from our levels meter, that worked and all seems to be fine.

On Saturday evening we decided that we would head off first thing in the morning toward the beaches at Odeceixe, somewhere we had never been before but had heard good things about, plus it fitted into our loose plan of heading up the west coast for a little while. We left Monchique just before noon on Sunday and headed up toward the town before heading off left toward Aljezur. This route took us up over the hills of the Monchique area, through some lovely forests which occasionally afforded us a gorgeous view out toward the sea. A very nice drive indeed, until of course you leave the municipality of Monchique and enter into that of Aljezur, then the roads change and on our way down from the hills we bumped and rocked on the very poor surfaces. Out of Aljezur toward Odeceixe was new ground for us both. Many of the places we have been on this trip out have been revisits but for once we were on roads that we had not been on before and heading to places we have never visited. Exciting times.

We had GPS co-ordinates for one parking area at Odeceixe but when we got there there was only one other motorhome there and they looked quite settled in so we decided not to park close by. We did see numerous motorhomes on the other side of an estuary so decided to head there, this was after a short drive to another potential spot that turned out to be a little too isolated. Pulling into our chosen spot we knew we had made the right choice as we were looking directly out onto the beach and sea and across to a small town but were still ‘away from it all’.


We went for a good walk with Jack along the beach and then up a path onto the cliffs before returning back to the motorhome to cook our dinner and then we spent a nice evening watching the sun set and planning our next move. We really need to find a supermarket as we are out of numerous essentials, butter, bread, olive oil, meat, vegetables, fruits, soft drinks, toilet rolls and of course wine!

Odeceixe Beach Walkers




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5 03 2011

I am very, very jealous. It looks beautiful.

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