24th February 2011 – Monchique

25 02 2011

It’s always the same, as soon as I finish writing a blog post and publish it something else happens that is ‘blog worthy’ and I have to wait to include it in the next days ramblings.

Preparing for our meal last night I needed to bring in our table from outside as we decided that we would eat in. The table was cleared off and the legs folded back in and was then carried into the motorhome, where I proceeded to unfold the legs. Unfortunately, my index finger was on the part of the leg that snaps into place when the leg is extended and so became trapped. It hurt. I freed my finger and went into the bathroom to see blood pouring from the wound, I initially thought that I might have lost the very end of my finger but luckily, when the blood cleared a little I could see that it was just the top part of the nail that had been severed and forcibly removed. Lorna and I managed to stem the blood flow a little before dressing it with a bandage and plaster. Throb, throb, throb for the rest of the night. Before I went to bed I took some co-codomol which helped with the pain and put me to sleep very quickly.

Taken 2 days after the initial accident.

I stopped in bed for a long time today, mainly due to another couple of co-codomol at 6.45am, but also due to the fact that I was feeling sorry for myself. It was a searingly hot day, reaching 32.5° at one point so I elected to spend most of my day in the motorhome messing on the internet, using Skype to speak to family, processing another of my photos from the other night and generally taking it easy. I did have a couple of walks in the sun but, for both of us it was a little too warm.

The extra photo I processed from the other day is possibly my favorite from the trip so far.


I just love the light.

The afternoon and evening was spent hanging around and having some lovey chicken for our dinner. With it we had the remains of our 5ltr box of red wine and then watched ‘Acidhouse’ which is possibly the wierdest film I have seen for a long time, good but wierd!




6 responses

25 02 2011

I feel ill! Hope your finger’s better soon, Steve – but please don’t show us another photo of it.

25 02 2011
Steve Green

A little too graphic maybe?

25 02 2011

wish you get better quick. Meanwhile stick your finger in salt water (you have plenty around), it helps to heal.

26 02 2011
Steve Green

Trying to keep it dry at the minute but giving it plenty of fresh air to aid the healing process.

26 02 2011

Which hand is it? Not your right I hope? Hope it heals up soon. Nasty nasty. *feels slightly sick*

26 02 2011
Steve Green

It is my right hand unfortunately 🙂

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