23rd February – Monchique

23 02 2011

Well, how nice is this place?! a far cry from the hectic lifestyle of the car park in Silves. Very relaxed indeed.

We are having a most peaceful time, the weather is scorching hot and there are a number of nice walks around the area which we intend to investigate further over the next few days. Today has been mainly spent walking with Jack through the woods, investigating various paths and then, when it got too warm,  we returned to the motorhome for a spot of lunch, consisting of chilli from last night, salad, a cheese course (we picked up some more lovely cheese from the market in Silves on Sunday before we came here) and of course a few glasses of red wine. We bought a 5ltr box with us and seem to be running out too quickly.

Being in this relaxed and uninterrupted atmosphere I have had some time to actually go out and take some photos as well as having the time to edit them properly. Two from today at completely different times. The first was taken on the walk earlier today when I saw this old tree surrounded by pretty yellow flowers, there was a nice contrast between the old and the new I thought but I don’t particularly think it comes through in the photo, maybe it’s a little oversaturated.

Old Tree

The second from today was taken just as the sun was starting to set. On another walk earlier I had seen this outcrop of trees and could see that as the sun set it would light up this particular part of the landscape. I wandered off just as the sun starting to lower in the sky and took numerous shots of this one part of the view. Whilst up on my viewpoint I managed to get bitten more than several times so I think I shall be itching for a while now but worth it I think, nice sky, a bit of recession in the landscape and a nice bit of light in the foreground.


For today that’s about it. Will probably have some dinner now and then watch a film before an early night I think.




One response

23 02 2011

beautiful photos. I want to be where the first photo was taken: lush, green, crisp clear sky–ah!

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