18th February 2011 – Silves

18 02 2011

There are a few things, that in my rush to get yesterdays blog post done, I forgot to mention.

Firstly that we have a problem with our water supply, in that we have a bit of a leak. Under the inspection hatch for the fresh water tank there is a fitting to which a pipe connects. This fitting has broken. I can only assume that, as all of the water supplies are working, this is for the overflow. This theory is backed up by the fact that when we filled the tank up earlier yesterday, water was flooding out of this fitting. When I saw this happening I quickly opened a few taps to lower the water levels in the tank and the gushing stopped. Back in Silves I mentioned this to Dave (henceforth to be known as ‘Country Dave’) and he soon arrived with a tube of silicon from his ‘magic box’ and we sealed the hole so now we don’t have the problem. It will need to be sorted when we get back to the UK but for the time being it’s fixed.

My thanks also need to go out to Viv, Martin and Steve for loans of their hard drives, the joys of file sharing.

We woke up very late today and didn’t really surface until nearly mid-day to be faced with a beautiful sunny affair, nothing like the mornings of the last few days where we have been woken up by rain. After a good clean up we took Jack for a good long walk with Marion and ‘Country Dave’ all along the far side of the river. On the way back we stopped for a beer at a small cafe and then as we were making our way back to the motorhome we decided that today would be a good day for us to try a chicken restaurant recommended by Viv (the legend). Marion and Country Dave had already eaten so Lorna and I dropped off Jack and went for our late lunch of chicken piri-piri and chips. Viv’s recommendation was sound as the chicken was beautifully cooked and the piri-piri sauce was ridiculously hot and spicy which is how I remember it being from previous visits to the Algarve. You clearly need to know the places to go to get the hot stuff and the waiter told us that we would be able to purchase our own jar of the same sauce on Saturday from the street market, excellent.

Back at the motorhome we stood outside chatting to the usual folk and ended up drinking a bit of Portuguese firewater that Paul had. This went on for a good while and eventually as the group dispersed I wandered over to Martins van and ran through a few Photoshop techniques that I tend to use on my photos, then it was a quiet night in with Lorna and Jack.

Tomorrow is possibly our last day in Silves (though these things can change very easily) and to say our goodbyes to Marion, Country Dave, Viv (legend), Paul and Aidee we are planning a night out at the O Cais bar………they have a karaoke night on.




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21 02 2011

You seem to be very much at ease with the sybaritic lifestyle, you two (three)!

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