14th – 17th February 2011 – Silves

17 02 2011

Valentines Day 2011, the day that I decided that I needed to give up smoking and try to live my life without the dreaded tobacco. I was of course helped in this decision by smoking too much the night before, running out of tobacco, papers and filters and confined to the motorhome because of the poor weather we were experiencing, still, any reason or combination of reasons is good enough I suppose.

On the first three days of this week we have been woken up early by the sound of rain hitting the roof of the motorhome, sometimes accompanied by thunder and lightning. The weather during the day has not improved much either with rain belting down and sometimes even turning into hail. It’s not been particularly cold but it has been very wet indeed. Luckily, we have a few people about us that we can chat to, invite over, forget to mention in my blog (sorry Viv, the glorious winner of the Boules competition) and generally keep us both company during the miserable weather. We have been entertaining Dave and Marion, Aidee and last night, Martin. Martin is a keen photographer (www.martintaylorphotography.com/) so we had plenty to talk about and even arranged a trip to the coast for earlier today when the West was expected to be hit by some huge waves, 30′ waves according to a website. So, at 7.30am my alarm went off and by 8.15am we were on our way to Sagres to photograph what was sure to be a fantastic sight. The weather was still thinking about raining but we were afforded brief periods of sunlight which gave us hope of a few decent shots. Unfortunately however, we didn’t account for the wind that was blowing in and flattening all of the waves down so we ended up seeing some nice waves but not the huge ones we had been expecting. I returned with no photographs of merit and I am unsure if Martin managed to get any either, not a very successful trip unfortunately but a nice break from the cold and wet car park in Silves.

The weather improved mid-afternoon so things are starting to look brighter for the weekend where we have a market to look forward to and possibly our last night in the O Cais music bar with Dave and Marion on Saturday night………..Karaoke night no less so that should be some fun though I am sure I will find it very difficult as it will be my 6th day without cigarettes and people are allowed to smoke in the bar……..time to get some Zyban I think!




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17 02 2011

Hi Both,
Only just managed to get back online since we met you in Tavira. Nice to meet you. We were going to try and catch up again but unfortunately I slipped and broke my ankle! Staying at Cabanas until we make a run for home and plaster off! Hope to meet up next year will keep an eye on your blog, enjoy your winter
Val and Oeds

18 02 2011
Steve Green

Blimey, not another borken ankle! Lorna did hers in August and is still recovering so we both hope that your recovery is quick and trouble free. Look forward to seeing you again.

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