7th February 2011 – Silves

7 02 2011

An extremely lazy day today where for the majority of the day we were both sat outside in the sun chatting to people we know. A couple of things of note though.

Firstly, I discovered that if I put music files on to my USB stick, the radio in the motorhome will read it and play it. This is great news as we have been surviving on Portuguese radio for our musical needs and it’s not that great. I really have been missing my iTouch and my music so that little discovery has made me very happy.

Secondly, we had been chatting to Dave and Marion on Sunday at the music bar and I seem to remember offering them €10 for a tin of SPAM, Lorna of course offered €30 but that was just being silly. Anyway, they popped round today and gave us a tin for free…….friends for life!

Thirdly, I was chatting yesterday to a chap who knows a lot about satellite dishes. We are only managing to pick up some of the news channels and very occasionally BBC1 and Channel 4, thus, no Coronation Street. So, this afternoon he passed by our motorhome and had a bit of a fiddle about with the LNB and various settings. Still no ITV but apparently there is a shop in Silves that sells high gain LNBs for €17 and with one of those we should be able to pick up a lot more channels and we both may get our Corrie fix………how sad are we eh!

Lorna and I have been talking recently about when we should start to head back, what route we will be taking and how long it would take. We have finally decided (I think) that we are going to stay in the Algarve for as long as we can, travel about a bit and then head back up the west coast to have some time on some of the beautiful beaches they have there, then it will be back into Spain, France and then on the ferry to be back in the UK around the 28th March. Then we have to go back to work and start saving so we can come out again in October. We are both looking forward to coming back to the UK for work, seeing friends and family etc. but not particularly the weather as I understand from Mom that someone is forecasting that the UK will be hit by more snow in March……….happy days.




2 responses

7 02 2011

I hope to flippery that your mum is wrong about more snow in March!

8 02 2011
Steve Green

……….and me!

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