6th February 2011 – Tavira to Silves

6 02 2011

The alarm went off at 7.45 this morning, not something we are used to at all these days, but we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and, after filling up with water we were on our way to the airport to drop of Mom who was returning to the colder climate of the UK after a week in which the weather in Portugal had been particularly nice.

Mom dropped off and in the queue for her check in we left and made our way back to Silves where we had arranged to go to the country and western afternoon at the Ponte Romana hotel. We went to the same thing earlier in the year and knew that we were guaranteed a good afternoon of entertainment, despite country and western not really being my thing. We had arranged to go with six other people so when we arrived at Silves we parked up, made sure everyone else was still going and made our arrangements to meet later in the day. In between we chilled out for a while, the early start had clearly taken its toll on us!

1.30pm arrived and all eight of us made our way to the venue, paid our money (€14.50 each) and were shown to our table where we were served a nice soup to start, a choice of fish, chicken or pork, followed by a fruit salad……..with as much wine or beer as you could drink. Experience from last time told me not to get too excited and drink red wine like it was water so I stuck to the beer and after a few even managed to get up and dance for a very short time. The music was fine but by the time it was 4.30 I was itching to get to the O Cais bar for the afternoon jam session so I went back to the motorhome to give jack a walk and then made my way there. When I arrived all seven of the party were there also, sat upstairs with drinks in front of them so I got myself another beer and joined them. The music was much better there and we seem to go there quite a bit these days so all of the bar staff and customers are friendly. I think I finally got back to the motorhome at about 11pm but i’m not entirely sure as I didn’t have my watch on 🙂




4 responses

7 02 2011

Yeah…I’m sure that’s the reason you didn’t know what time it was! 😉

8 02 2011
Steve Green

it’s the story i’m sticking to!

15 04 2011

Jen’s just texted me to let you know that she is sitting in the O Cais bar at this very moment

15 04 2011
Steve Green

That’s great, you know she will have a great night there. Always a great night there

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