3rd February 2011 – Manta Rota to Silves

3 02 2011

Busy day today as we flitted about doing various things that we all wanted to do. First stop was to go to Castro Marim to firstly have a look around the castle with Mom and secondly to fill up with water and to empty everything out at the service point. The journey to Castro Marim isn’t that long from where we were at Manta Rota so we were there within around half an hour. Once there we used the service point to completely replenish everything and then we moved on to the main town car park and headed off up to the castle for a good look around.

03-02-2011 Castro Marim

The €1 entrance charge allowed us into the castle walls and inside there was a church which had been converted into a display area showing the history of the place and apart from that there wasn’t much else. Having said that, the way the grounds of the castle were laid out was quite nice, lots of wooden structures had been erected and I assume that in the main season they have things going on, possibly like a living castle but I may be letting my imagination get away with me there.

03-02-2011 Castro Marim2

After our stroll around the castle and streets of Castro Marim we headed back to Manta Rota as I particularly wanted to go to the restaurant that we had looked at last night. We walked in at just before 2pm and were quickly shown to our table for three. Neither Mom or Lorna could resist the lamb whilst I decided to go for the special of the day, mackerel with rice (though I had chips instead). Both the lam dishes were superb, both looking very much like a rack of lamb all fried in plenty of fresh garlic. My mackerel was a bit of a shock. I was expecting a nice big fillet or one large mackerel but instead I got a plate of about 10 smaller fish all served in a way similar to the way you would expect whitebait to be. It was still very tasty but not quite what I was expecting, we had to check that the fish was actually mackerel before we left and the chef was summoned from the kitchen and showed us a plate of the uncooked mackerel. Mackerel it was.

Over lunch we had talked about the idea of returning to Silves for the night as the O Cais bar had their traditional Fado night on (Fado being the name for traditional Portuguese music, not the name of the band that played which was the mistake I made in my previous blog post that mentioned it) so when we had finished and returned to the motorhome, things were quickly packed up and we were on our way again. It was pushing on for 5pm by the time we got back to Silves and parked up so we walked Jack and rested a bit before heading out just after 9pm. At the bar we had a few drinks, sampled the cooked sausage and garlic bread as a late dinner and had a thoroughly good time of it, not returning to the motorhome until after midnight.




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