2nd February 2011 – Silves to Manta Rota

2 02 2011

Mom arrived back at the motorhome at 10.15am just after Lorna and I had got up and sorted ourselves out. We had a chat and she decided that she would rather stay in the motorhome with us which is actually a bit of a compliment both for us and the capacity of our Hymer B64 which really is only a two berth motorhome (we have the bench seat with a conversion into a bed), so, the only thing to think about now was where to go for the today. Lorna and I had had a chat and decided that we would head to the east of Faro and go to Manta Rota as this is a lovely spot right by the beach and nice and quiet so after some shopping had been done and Jack was walked we headed off on the journey which takes just under an hour.

After arriving at Manta Rota we had our lunch outside in the sun and then went for a long walk all along the beach and back again, the weather was lovely, not a cloud in the sky. When we got back to the motorhome the sun was lowering itself in the sky casting some lovely light onto the beach so whilst Mom and Lorna relaxed a while I went down on to the beach to take some photos.

Manta Rota Beach

For our dinner we had salmon steaks (which I had to cook outside in the dark) with vegetables and a couple of glasses of wine. Planning the day tomorrow we then went for a walk into the small town to see what was open, specifically a restaurant that I fancied going to, if it was open at night as well as during the day that would give us a few options as to what to do. It happened that the restaurant was open so we had a read of the menus and then went to drop Jack back at the motorhome as we had spied a little bar that was open and showing the FC Porto v Benfica game so we went for a drink to finish the night off.




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