1st February 2011 – Barragem do Arade to Silves

1 02 2011

As our guest was staying in a hotel in Silves for the night we knew we were heading back there at some point during the day so, after breakfast we set off on a good circular walk with Jack who loved having the freedom to run about for a while. We walked for a good hour in the sun and when we returned we sat outside in the hot weather which was made better by the lack of the cold wind that we had been having over the last two days. Late afternoon we packed up and headed back to Silves, planning to go to the supermarket to get ourselves some dinner for the evening, drop Mom off at the hotel and get parked up. We ended up dropping Mom off first and whilst she and Lorna checked out the hotel room I drove around to the parking area and found us a nice spot.

Though the hotel room was fine (though a little cold) Mom was indecisive as to whether she was actually going to stay there or not. Having three in the motorhome was proving perfectly manageable and Mom preferred to be with us. After a lot of discussion over our dinner she eventually decided to go to the hotel for the night and so later that evening I walked her back there and made sure she was ok before walking back to the motorhome. The temperature had dropped considerably and I was glad that I had worn my thick coat. When I got back, Lorna was already in bed so after sorting Jack out I retired too.




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