30th January 2011 – Tavira to Silves

30 01 2011

Up early this morning as we had to get to the airport at Faro for 10.15 to pick up my Mom who is over in the Algarve for a week with us, checking up on me, seeing what I am doing with my life and coming for the ‘motorhoming experience’, and of course, to see us both. We arrived at the airport bang on time and as we were so punctual I parked right outside the arrivals building and we went in side. Panic set in as we couldn’t see an arrival from Birmingham on the board at all, Manchester, Stanstead, Gatwick but no mention of Birmingham and no arrival scheduled for 10.15am. Very strange. All of the people coming through arrivals were British so we assumed that it was a mistake and we were right, as soon enough Mom walked through the gate towards us.

We jumped back into the motorhome and headed off to Silves as we wanted our first night to be there, firstly because we wanted to take her to our favorite restaurant and secondly because there was the free and easy music afternoon at the O Cais bar, always a good one. We parked up at Silves and walked Jack into and around town before heading off for lunch where we all had chicken piri-piri and chips, Mom and I indulging ourselves in a piece of cake to finish. Another walk round with Jack followed and then at around 4pm we went to the O Cais and spent the late afternoon, early evening, evening and night drinking, dancing (some of us) and generally having a right old time of it. Back at the motorhome some time later (I can’t remember) we sorted out the sleeping arrangements and had a good nights sleep after a fairly long day.




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