28th January 2011 – Tavira

28 01 2011

Lots seemed to happen today but in reality i’m fairly sure that it didn’t……….life on a campsite eh!

Up late we were about to go for a walk into town when we had a knock at a door and five men appeared, two of them Police, one of them the manager of the campsite, “Hello” we thought. They had with them a router and were asking if they could plug it into our electric in the motorhome to test to see if it was transmitting a wi-fi signal or not. Only too happy to help we plugged it in and when they had connected the cable to it we had our very own router running in the motorhome, five bars on the wi-fi signal. They messed around with it for a while and they then told us that they were going for lunch and asking if they could leave it running whilst they were gone, of course we said yes. The Police were obviously having a quiet day as they just watched, chatted and departed at the same time as the others. So, the walk was delayed as we had no idea when they were coming back and wanted to make sure that if they needed the router back then we would be in to give it to them, though we did have a quick walk around with Jack as he had been denied his longer walk. When they returned an hour or so later we really needed to get to the shop to get some things so off we went. On our way we thought that we might ask in reception about where we might find a locksmith to look at our safe so we popped in and, after Google Translator was used to find out exactly what we were asking for, the receptionist smiled and pointed us to one of the men who had been by the motorhome earlier, saying that he was a locksmith and he would be able to sort it. She came out of reception with us and went to talk to the man about our problem, coming back a minute or so later to say that he would be round to sort it once he had finished doing the wiring for the new router (which essentially involved hanging a cable from the reception, over a few trees and on to a lampost in the middle of the park, where the new router was located). So, the walk was delayed again as when we asked how long that might be we were told about 5 minutes.

An hour later the same three men from the morning arrived and soon enough one of them head his head in underneath the seat and was fiddling with the safe, trying numerous different keys and getting nowhere. He went to his van and came back with a big drill and, after explaining that it would ruin the lock he commenced drilling it out. Within about 10 minutes of combined drilling and fiddling the safe was open. There was much cheering. We thought that that would be it but the guy then explained via the manager that he would be able to fit a new lock for us and could he come back the day after and do it. Of course, we said yes. So, safe problem sorted we finally got out for a walk down to the local mini-market to get some things. An early dinner was followed by watching Looking for Eric on DVD on the laptop, the highlight of which was me getting confused and thinking that Eric Cantona wasn’t actually in it when the credits said that Eric Cantona was played by some bloke called Lui Meme……….never heard of him!




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