26th January 2011 – Silves to Algarve International Autodrome

26 01 2011

It was a slightly sunnier affair today but the rain was threatening to come back so we hung around at Silves for a while before heading off to the motor racing circuit at around 11.30am. Before we got there we had a short trip to the local Lidl to get some chicken for the nights dinner, and some water as we were running low.

We have a problem. We have a safe in the motorhome. This safe has an electronic keypad to operate it. The battery has gone. We can’t find (or even remember having) the key to manually open it. The safe is staying locked. Our passports are inside. Hmmmmmmm

The journey to the circuit wasn’t that long and when we arrived we had a mooch around before deciding to actually pay to go in to the circuit, we could hear the bikes thundering past from outside and Lorna was quite excited to have a look. The entrance fee was either €3 to get into the stands only or €5 to get into the paddock area, as it was early afternoon we decided that a quick look in the stands would do us and so we paid our monies and headed in to the huge stand.

The stands were completely empty which was a bit of a strange experience and the bikes that were testing, the supersport class, were all out, whizzing past us down the straight at ridiculous speeds, probably touching 180mph and making a lovely sound. I had my camera with me and, on my first attempt at motorsport photography I struggled with the panning. I had frame after frame of back wheels, front wheels and blurred riders but eventually I got to grips with it and managed to get a couple of decent photos. These are cropped to hell as I was using a 200mm lens on a full frame camera, not the best combination for this type of photography but you have to make do with what you have in these situations.



If I were going to do more of this type of stuff I would definitely need a longer lens!

When we’d had a good look around we headed back to the motorhome and I cooked our dinner of chicken jalfrezi. After this, as the skies got darker I went out again and took some more photos of the buildings surrounding the racetrack.


Five Restaurant




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