25th January 2011 – Portimao (Praia de Rocha) to Silves

25 01 2011

Better weather today despite it raining in the early part of the morning so we decided that we would go out for lunch, where, we hadn’t decided but we did know that we didn’t want to eat at Praia de Rocha as we felt that all we would be getting would be burger and chips and we were not in the mood for that. We decided to head off and look at Ferragudo, where we had been given GPS co-ordinates of a place we could stop, but not before we took Jack for a good run on the beach. It had stopped raining by the time we got out and the beach was pretty much deserted, the skies were dark though which made for some nice photographs of the beach and marina.

Praia de Rocha Marina

25-01-2011 Praia de Rocha2

We also walked up through the old fort and into town to post a birthday present back to the UK, I took this shot of an old light, the colour of the wall appealed to me.

25-01-2011 Praia de Rocha3

At Ferragudo we found the place where motorhome were parked but, more importantly we were looking for somewhere nice to eat, though there were restaurants there we decided not to stay and instead to head back to Silves and try a restaurant that had been advertising the special set menu for €6.50 per person. We always seem to end up back at Silves for some reason. We settled Jack and walked into town to the restaurant and whilst I had fish, Lorna tried the Portuguese meat dish which was served with black beans and vegetables. We have seen this dish served before and to me it always looked like just a pile of fatty meat so I have never tried it, fair play to Lorna though as she picked her way through it and vowed to try it at another restaurant we go to quite regularly, not for me though i’m afraid.

Back at the motorhome the usual happened and I spent the rest of the afternoon moving between motorhomes and chatting with folk that we have got to know there. The weather stayed nice today so hopefully when we get to the race track tomorrow it will improve further and we can have a decent couple of days.




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