23rd January 2011 – Sagres to Portimao

23 01 2011

Out and about by 10.30 this morning for some reason. We first gave Jack a good run on the beach as he had been desperate for a bit of freedom for a few days now, he loved it, running around in circles, running back and forth between Lorna and me, I had stopped to take some photos. It was extremely windy and the waves were crashing in on the beach, the grey skies just letting a little bit of light through occasionally.


We then had a walk up to the fort and then back into town and bought a few vegetables to go in the chicken soup that was already virtually cooked in the motorhome. Lunch done we both decided that we would head away from Sagres as there wasn’t much we hadn’t seen already, Portimao wasn’t that far away and it was somewhere we had not been before so we thought we may as well go and see if the winds were any lighter there. We arrived there about an hour or so later on (N37°07.207′ W8°32.867), following a bit of a drive around Praia da Luz and Alvor, parked up on the car park and then walked into the marina area with Jack. We narrowly avoided being drawn into a Pizza Hut only to return to the motorhome, in the rain, to cook a hearty dinner of black pudding, eggs, bacon and tomatoes, very healthy!

The rain continued throughout the evening, so we watched Naked by Mike Leigh with an earphone each as we couldn’t hear the film over the noise of the water hitting the roof.




2 responses

25 01 2011

have you learned much portugese yet?

27 01 2011
Steve Green

Not enough, that’s for certain!

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