22nd January 2011 – Silves to Sagres

22 01 2011

Again the morning was spent chatting to folk that we have got to know over the past few days, this seems to be taking up most of our time at the moment. We didn’t get up late and were cooking sausages, bacon and eggs for our early lunch at about 11.30am, this drew people in as the smell from the cooking wafted out on the wind, before we knew it we had three people at the door chatting to us whilst we ate, after this things stayed pretty much the same as the last few days and it was nearly 3pm before we finally managed to start the engine and get to Lidl to do some shopping. That done we headed out of town to get some water on board, our tank had been empty since yesterday afternoon and we were using bottles of water that we had bought from the Modelo to sustain us. As we knew the location of the spring water tap in the next village this was an easy task and we were soon on our way to Baroa de San Joao where we were to be parking for the night awaiting the start of the market in the morning. I have to admit to driving on the wrong side of the road for about half a mile after we left the water tap, it happens very occasionally!

We found the village easily and soon spotted some of the motorhomes of the people we had agreed to meet there. After a short walk around the small village we returned only to be told that the market had been canceled, apparently due to the elections going on in Portugal at the moment, shame, we were both really looking forward to it. We decided not to stop where we were parked and instead headed down to Boca do Rio which is a popular parking place right on the sea front, we had heard that the GNR had recently thrown a few people off and this certainly seemed to be the case when we arrived as there were only about seven motorhomes parked there. Lorna wasn’t comfortable with the idea of stopping and getting moved on so we headed back out onto the main road and traveled toward Sagres where we knew of two places we could stop. Luckily, when we arrived we managed to find a place on our preferred location, right on the cliffs over looking the sea, it was not level and very windy but too nice a view for either of those things to be a major issue, the leveling was helped by using our blocks and the wind was just wind, it promised to be a noisy night but natural noises are strangely relaxing in these situations. Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow as it has been quite cold today and, as I write this it has started raining.




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