21st January 2011 – Silves

21 01 2011

The initial plan today was to head down to Praia de Rocha in Portimao for the night before heading back up to Baroa de San Joao on Saturday afternoon for the Sunday market. These things change though and change they did as another one of my short walks turned into a ‘group meeting’ outside our motorhome with about seven of us all discussing plans, swapping locations, chatting and making loose arrangements for visiting the market. This went on for ages and before we knew it it was 2pm and we hadn’t really eaten. So, we went up to the local Modelo and bought a pre-cooked chicken and had that for our lunch. We then decided just to stay put, we were both a bit tired after the night at the music bar last night (where we had tapas consisting of a really nice sausage which was cooked over a naked flame at our table and cheesy garlic bread, we washed this down with two bottles of wine) and just couldn’t be bothered to move on for one night, so we stopped in Silves for the night and had a quiet evening in.




One response

24 01 2011
lorna green

The sausage tapas display was really good fun. It was one of those dry cured sausages so it just needed heating up really. I was wondering if this could take off in british pubs only we could do it with black pudding. Health and Safety would probably intervene over the flames at the table.

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