20th January 2011 – Silves

20 01 2011

I have not written a blog post for the last couple of days as, to be fair, not much has happened. We have been parked up at Silves doing bits of the following:

Sitting: We have had some glorious days, the temperature has been as high as 27° at times and it has been nice just to sit outside and take in the wonderful weather.

Watching: Lazily watching motorhomes come and go but also I have managed to watch a few films, firstly 24 Hour Party People and then, last night, Control. Both films on pretty much the same subject of music in the late seventies, early eighties, Joy Division, The Happy Mondays and New Order, both fascinating films and, in my mind, watched in the correct order.

Drinking: Nothing like a cold beer in the afternoon.

Reading: I finished ‘Money’ by Martin Amis and have now moved on to ‘Wilt in Nowhere’ by Tom Sharpe

Walking: Jack has had a jolly old time with numerous walks around the town of Silves and many more around the running track that runs around the car park. He gets more attention when we are stationary for a while.

Chatting: Today it took me just over an hour to walk the 50 yards to another motorhome who I wanted to talk to about some things coming up over the next few days, you just get to know so many people and even the shortest of walks can end up taking hours!

: Not only are we planning what we will be doing when my mom comes over for a week from the 30th, we have also been planning where we go from here. There are a few things on, firstly, there is a traditional Portuguese band called Fado on tonight at the O Cais bar which is where we went last Sunday, it appears that there are quite a few people from the motorhomes going, should be a good night. Secondly, a big market in the town of Barao de S.Joao is on on Sunday so we shall be going there and finally I have also heard about some testing going on at the Portimao racing circuit from Wednesday of next week. Apparently many of the top Superbike and Supersport teams will be there testing for three days and according to information it’s only €5 to get into the track for the day. I’m looking forward to going and hopefully getting some good racing action photographs.

Buying: We found two charity shops in the town so now Jack has new blankets for his bed and we, some new books.

Sleeping: It’s all very quiet here and we have both had some very restful nights.

: Park of the beard has gone and I am now back down to a chin only goatee.

Eating: A craving for sausages was soon put to rest after I walked over to the local supermarket and bought a few and had them in a nice baguette. We have eaten in the motorhome for the past few days, curries, pasta, salads and the like. Lorna continues to buy and eat oranges as if they are going out of fashion.

: It has been a most relaxing few days, nothing much to do except for what we please.

Photographing: A walk around Silves with my camera yesterday produced these shots, nothing particularly special but it gives a feel for the place I think. I really should do more black and white stuff.


Silves Steps

So, that’s about it really, relaxing days, restful nights and great weather. It doesn’t get much better than this and I am really looking forward to the next week or so as we will be much busier, it will make a nice change.




2 responses

20 01 2011
Andrew Petcher

Sounds idyllic and so warm. I went to Norway last week and it was cold and miserable!

25 01 2011

Cool formatting of today’s blog. Why is L. eating so many oranges?! x

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