16th January 2011 – Tavira to Silves

16 01 2011

Now that all of the washing was dry and the motorhome was cleared out we left the campsite in Tavira and headed west along the coast of the Algarve to look at some places that people had said that we could stay. First stop was a little coastal town of Fuzeta, as we drove into the town there were lots of locals about, all milling around numerous barbeques which were cooking chicken, there seemed to be more barbeques about than were needed to feed everyone but that didn’t appear to put anyone off. There was a campsite in the town which looked to be absolutely rammed full and despite signs up on the car parks saying that motorhomes should use the campsite there were still people parked up and clearly stopping there which we thought was a bit naughty. Maybe because it’s off season it is tolerated. We were interested in how much the campsite was as it seemed to be so full so we parked close by and Lorna went in to get some details, it wasn’t as cheap as where we had been stopping in Tavira but still fairly reasonable at around €15 a night with discounts applied for longer stops. Though it looked like quite a nice place we decided to move on and have a look at Olhao where apparently you can park by the port.

It was about another half an hour drive to Olhao and we went straight to the port area and found a few motorhomes parked up, despite there being a sign saying motorhomes and caravans were not allowed to park there. It was right opposite the police station and, again, it looked as though people parking there were fine and it was being tolerated. It was a bit too busy for us though so we had a quick chat and soon decided to that we both wanted to go back to Silves, we both had a hunger on for piri-piri chicken and chips and we knew the perfect place to go. I was just under an hours drive to get there and there wasn’t anywhere in between that we particularly wanted to look at so we headed through Faro and then onto the motorway headed for Silves. We arrived there just after 2pm and after giving Jack a short walk around we headed off to the restaurant. On our way there we were passed by an ambulance which was headed toward a group of motorhomes in the corner of the car park, when we were here last time we got to know a few people who were parked over in that area and we recognized some of the motorhomes there so were a little worried about what had happened. We decided not to be nosey and carried on to the restaurant where we had another excellent meal.

On our way back we dropped in to the motorhomes that we knew and discovered that a British guy known as ‘Music John’ (he used to keep people entertained with his keyboard playing) had had a heart attack and died, he was 78. I met him once.

After a bit of a relax in the afternoon sun I took Jack for another walk and when I was close to the town I noticed that one of the bars where we went on our last trip here had re-opened and had a free and easy music night on. I went back to the motorhome and suggested that we go out for the evening, have a few drinks and listen to some music. Lorna was up for it so off we went and spent the next few hours in the bar, chatting with other people, enjoying some excellent music and having a bit of a drink. We found out a few things too, particularly that there was to be another country and western afternoon at the hotel across the bridge, we enjoyed ourselves at a similar event last time we were here so we may well be going again but this time i’ll try not to fall over drunk and break my glasses!




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18 01 2011
Russell and Audrey

Hi Steve
Sounds like you are having a great trip I read earlier about your battery drain. I would recommend you go for a battery to battery charger from sterling which will generate 50 amps an hour charge into your battery while driving. It will cost you circa £500 fitted but will be the best option on your travels. Hope this helps. Russ and Audrey.

19 01 2011
Steve Green

Hi Russell,
We are generally ok to be honest, especially when the sun is out, the solar panel seems to be doing enough to keep up topped up. I do think though that when I upgrade my satellite receiver that we may watch a bit more TV than we do at the moment which will obviously put a drain on the leisure battery. I am thinking that we may well get ourselves a small generator which will allow us to charge up more easily when we are stationary or when the sun isn’t out.

Thanks for the comment, hope all is well at Wrekin!

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