12th January 2011 – Manta Rota

12 01 2011

Another stunning day and another lazy one for us.

We walked along the beach again, this time the other way and Jack had another great time, running through the sand, doing quick turnarounds when he realised he’d gone into a pool of water which was deeper than he expected and doing lots of digging. I took some photos.

Manta Rota Beach Pool

12-01-2011 Manta Rota2

Sea Fishing

After the walk on the beach we decided to have a look around the small town and as soon as we saw people sat outside eating and drinking in the sun we both had a sudden and unexplained yearning for hamburger and chips so Jack went back into the motorhome and we alighted to the cafe and ordered our lunch. They know how to cook hamburgers in Portugal! The trusty hamburger seems to have all but disappeared in the UK, the beefburger being more popular. This is a great loss to the British cuisine in my opinion!

After an afternoon reading and generally pottering about the sun went down and whilst Lorna carried on reading her book I decided to watch ‘Let The Right One In’, a superbly shot vampire film, Swedish but with English subtitles, excellent!




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