11th January 2011 – Manta Rota

11 01 2011

What an incredibly relaxing day we had. The weather was gorgeous, deep blue skies and temperatures around the 20° mark, perfect for a long walk along the beach.

We had a late breakfast and then headed out along the beach in the direction of Altura, just a short distance away driving but in walking terms, a nice steady walk along the golden beach. Jack’s injury had scabbed over now so we were both fairly confident of letting him off the lead for a good run, something which he has been desperate for for the last few days. We had been nervous of letting him off in the sand when the injury wasn’t quite healed over as it’s not the best idea to be getting sand in an open wound.

Jack on the Beach

11-01-2011 Manta Rota2

When we returned to the motorhome we decided to fire up the barbeque and cook our turkey kebabs as well as two remaining hamburgers that we had left over from the other night. Whilst I sat minding the barbeque with a nice cold beer, Lorna made two salads. Dinner was excellent, very healthy and tasty. The evening was spend watching the final episode of Men Behaving Badly and then we watched Kill Bill, with Dutch subtitles which would have made it a bit difficult to follow in the Japanese speaking parts had we not have watched it about a hundred times already!




One response

15 01 2011

I watched kill bill 1 & 2 back to back with my nephew and nice in Sept.. Quality films both of them. Loving the blog but not at all envious of you both.. Well not much.. Oh ok alott!

Have fun, loving the blog.

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