10th January 2011 – Altura to Manta Rota

10 01 2011

|We were both up relatively early and on the road by 10.30am heading to Castro Marim ( N37°13’10” W07°26’39”) to use the aire facilities there. It was a much nicer day today, perfect for our day out. The service area at Castro Marim was busy, the motorhomes that had vacated over the weekend for the market had returned and there was a queue for the service area, however it wasn’t long before we were parked over the drain emptying out and filling up with clean fresh water at the same time. When all of that was done we made the short trip to Vila Real de Santo Antonio and soon found the area where many motorhomes were parked up (N37°11’59 W07°24’52), there must have been at least 30 there. We found a spot and locked the motorhome up and went for a walk into the main town. It was a fairly busy place and if you wanted to buy towels, table cloths or rugs then this was the place for it, virtually every shop was selling them, all similarly priced and all pretty much the same stuff, very strange. The main square was quite pretty with nice stonework on the floor all leading you in to the monument in the middle with the main church standing right on the other side.

10-01-2011 Vila Real de santo Antonio

We walked around right over to the other end of town and then along to the public swimming pools and the football stadium and then along to the lighthouse before heading back to the motorhome along the river and harbour which separates Portugal and Spain.

Harbour View

We had talked about having a barbeque for our dinner and thought that we would have a look at a place called Manta Rota which is just up the road from where we had been stopping at Altura. We had only head about the parking area and had no co-ordinates so after a bit of lucky guess work we soon found the place, right on the beach and with a few other motorhomes there (N37°09’48 W07°31’22). We parked up and spoke to some of the others there before taking Jack on yet another walk around. We considered the possibility of having a barbeque but decided in the end not to as it didn’t really seem the right place to be getting it out. The sun was still shining so a sit outside with a beer or two was a very pleasant end to a pretty busy day. We’ll probably have tomorrow off!




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