8th January 2011 – Altura

8 01 2011

It was raining when we woke up at 7.45am and though we had planned to get up early and go to the market at Castro Marim we couldn’t quite raise ourselves at that time of the day so we went back to sleep for a while hoping that when we finally got up the weather might have improved. Two hours later and it had stopped so we got up and, after being told that there was room to park at the football stadium close to the market by some other British, we left for Castro Marim.

The journey there is only one of around 15 minutes and so we were there quickly and soon parked up really close to the bustling market, the majority of which appeared to be under some kind of cover, good job because the rain had started in earnest again. We locked the motorhome up and headed out, getting thoroughly wet on the short walk there. We found ourselves darting from one cover to the next, many times narrowly avoiding a right soaking as the stall holders pushed up their canvass covers to displace the gathering water. It was a shame for the market traders really, the market is once a month and unfortunately the weather was so bad that it appeared to have put a lot of people off going as it wasn’t as busy as we expected it to be. Of course, we were slightly late getting there as well so we assumed that many had been and gone. Lorna spotted some nice slippers which she tried on and bought for €5 and then we were off in search of vegetables. We, or rather I, got distracted by a huge cheese stall where the holder was happily cutting off slices to be tasted and even gave Jack some. Jack was miserable by this time so any treat was gratefully received. I ended up buying 750g of Portuguese cheese, some soft and, the nicest tasting hard cheese I have ever had. All of that came to just €7.50, a bargain in my eyes.

All shopping done we headed back to Altura, a bit wet but an enjoyable experience none the less. A quick visit to the supermarket to get eggs and a nice piece of lamb was followed by us parking up outside the hotel and using the free wi-fi to upload my blog and photographs, check emails and send messages etc. That done we went back to the parking place and had a late lunch. Our dinner was one of roast lamb with garlic, baked peppers, courgettes and baked potatoes, very tasty. The evening was spent watching further episodes of Men Behaving Badly before retiring to bed at around 10.30pm,




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25 01 2011

I will be having dreams about that cheese stall…heaven! x

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