7th January 2011 – Mina de Sao Domingos to Altura

7 01 2011

We decided that we wanted to further investigate the old mining village at Minas de Sao Domingos but didn’t fancy the walk up there with all of the dogs constantly barking at us, drawing attention to us, so we decided to drive up there in the motorhome. I don’t actually know what would have been less conspicuous! We followed the signs but failed to find the right place to park, we thought we had but there were about four dogs there, all tied up and waiting in their kennels to bark at the first thing that interested them, namely Jack. We could see some of the old ruined buildings from where we were and they were all literally falling down so we decided to move on and leave it. It’s a shame that these places aren’t better looked after and preserved really but I suppose that the money just isn’t there.

We left the mining village and headed down to Castro Marim which we knew had a plentiful supply of water and the usual waste water facilities, we intended to go there, sort ourselves out and then stop the night. We pulled up after about an hour and fifteen minutes to find numerous motorhomes there and the water supply point busy so we waited our turn and then did what we needed to do which included fully flushing out the fresh water tank with nice clean water (we had experienced a bit of a funny smell yesterday) and then rinsing out the waste water tank. All fresh and full we then noticed that we were not allowed to stop the night as there was a big monthly market on the following day which used all of the car park space so we had a little wander around the town and then headed off to Altura where we knew we could stop for the night. On our way there we went to look at a couple of places that we had marked on our map, Monte Gordo was one that we had heard mentioned a lot of times but there were no motorhomes there and signs up prohibiting them from stopping on the front (there may have been another place there but we didn’t fully investigate).

In Altura we parked up and relaxed a while, we walked Jack again and decided that we would eat out that night. There were a few British vans on the parking placer and we were both annoyed at one particular van who decided at 6pm to start playing loud music, run a noisy generator and light a huge bonfire, perfect behavior if you want the place to suddenly be emptied by the GNR and ‘No Motorhome’ signs to be erected. OK, if you are on a Barragem, in the middle of nowhere then fair enoough as you may only annoy the other motorhomers around you, but in Altura, there are houses close by and it’s just very inconsiderate! We moved.

Our meal was at the same restaurant that we went to last time we were here and it was excellent again, despite us being the only customers they had. Plan for tomorrow is to get up and go to the large market in Castro Marim for a good look around.




3 responses

8 01 2011

Glad to hear that Jack’s getting better, Steve.

9 01 2011

Just caught up with the blog. Glad to hear Jack is better. We have news too — I have quit my job and Susan and I are moving to Paris in April — no set plans; sort of a leap of faith! Next time you are somewhere near Paris one your travels we have to meet up.

14 01 2011
Steve Green

Missed this comment Mark. Good on you for doing something like that, do you have something to go to or is that a leap of faith too? We will arrange something for when we come over through France again later in the year.

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