6th January 2011 – Barragem do Arade to Mina de Sao Domingos.

6 01 2011

Up earlyish today as we knew that we were going to be saying goodbye to Don and Lin and that we ourselves would be heading off to somewhere different. The weather wasn’t brilliant again but we needed to drive to get some decent charge into our leisure battery which has been hanging on for the last few days, little sunshine and no driving makes leisure battery a very sad boy indeed. Don and Lin left, heading back to Silves for a while, hoping for better weather. After we had packed everything up we left with the basic plan of heading to Mertola which is on the Spanish borders, if we didn’t like that then our back up was the old mining village of Mina de Sao Domingos which we had been told about by a few people.

Course set in the sat-nav, we set off at about 10.30 am and made our way (back on ourselves a little) to Mertola. On the way there we filled up with diesel which seemed to have jumped dramatically in price over the last two weeks. On the way down through Portugal I had been paying between €1.19 and €1.25 but today the cheapest I could find was €1.35. I decided to to only half fill the tank, hoping to find a cheaper station tomorrow.

We arrived at Mertola and visited the two places where motorhomes usually park but in both cases there were no others there and to be honest, they both looked a little rough and not somewhere where we would like to be by ourselves. The town itself though looked quite pretty, a small castle on the hill top and some nice looking streets to investigate.


We moved on to the next place Mina de Sao Domingos and quickly found the parking area, right next to a large lake with trees around it (N37°40’21” W007°30’14”), very pleasant, and there were other motorhomes there too. We parked up and after a quick chat with a Scottish couple who were also there we went to investigate the town.

Minhas da Sao Domingos

The town is an old mining community which has essentially been abandoned, people still live there but no mining is carried out any more. Small houses line each street and there are dogs everywhere. We were obviously walking Jack and at one point I think we had about eleven dogs all barking at us, from all directions. We didn’t get to the abandoned part of the town as it simply got too noisy and we were quite conscious that it was us that was making the dogs bark, or Jack rather, so, we went back to the motorhome and had some dinner, followed by watching Slumdog Millionaire on Lornas notebook.




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25 01 2011

Steve, that photo of the oranges growing, framing the old door, is amazing – I love it xx

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