4th January 2011 – Barragem do Arade.

4 01 2011

Another day at Barragem do Arade and another quiet day for us all. A fairly relaxing morning, taking a slow breakfast and then a sit and read for a while was followed by a nice long walk with Don and Lin around the roads that surround the Barragem, Jack was able to have a bit of a run as there was absolutely no traffic, no houses and no other animals about, in fact, it was blissfully quiet. His leg is now much much better and despite being given the cream to rub on his wound we have decided against as it seems to make it all a bit too moist, much better to leave it in the open fresh air and heal itself I reckon.

After the walk we decided what we were going to do for our early dinner, we were going to do our own thing but as the sun was out and we had the supplies we decided on having another barbeque, we had some pork belly which would go nicely and we all had salads etc left from yesterday, so at about 3pm the BBQ was lit and left to warm up. I took the opportunity to go and take some more photographs, the conditions were completely different to yesterday as the lake was showing no reflections whatsoever, as the light fell onto the banks of the lake it made for some nice images.

Barragem do Arade

Barragem do Arade

After about two hours the pork was done and we were all sat round having a drink and some lovely crispy pork and a few glasses of beer. Again as the night fell we put some sticks on the BBQ and had another fire to keep us warm for just a little longer.




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