3rd January 2011 – Silves to Barragem do Arade

3 01 2011

Dom and Lin had told us about Barragem do Arade and what a nice place it was so we had arranged to go there with them for a couple of nights and today was the day of our change of location, 11 nights in Silves (if memory serves) and we have met some really nice folk, had some excitement and had lots of relaxing time so it’s been a most worthwhile stop.

We took Jack to the vets at 10am and, after waiting for them to open, Jack was soon in, with a thermometer up his backside and the vet rubbing ointment into his wound, which was looking much much better. She gave him the all clear and sent us on our way, first selling us a special collar to protect him from mosquitoes and the like. We got back, packed everything up and arranged to meet Don and Lin at the Lidl as we both needed to stock up on supplies. A god shop done and we were on our way to the Barragem, a very short distance from Silves itself but a completely different kind of location.

We were both parked on a high car park overlooking both the dam itself (N37°14’22 W008°22’37)and the wide waters of the lake, a bit murky to say the least, but still quite pretty. There were two other motorhomes there and it shocked Don that there were so few about, normally, apparently, the area is packed with motorhomes and it’s difficult to get a spot. So, we considered ourselves lucky and whilst they went for a walk, Lorna and I sorted the shopping out and prepared our food for the scheduled BBQ later in the day. It had been a pretty dull day but, for a very short time the sun came out and made for some nice lansdcape shots.

Barragem do Arade

Barragem do Arade

The BBQ was superb, chicken with piri-piri and garlic seasoning and, some proper English sausages from Lins fridge. Once the BBQ had finished it’s job we managed to find a few old branches and we then sat there with a fire going, in the middle of nowhere, drinking beer, chatting and having a thoroughly enjoyable evening.




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