31st December 2010 – Silves

1 01 2011

We rose fairly late in the day and seemed to potter around for ages before eventually deciding to have a wander into town to have a look to see what might be open in the evening, semi-planning an evening meal followed by a few drinks, maybe even staying up to welcome in the New Year. Before we went we got chatting to a British couple who had parked next to us in their motorhome, that lasted for a while and before we knew it was edging on toward 2pm and we hadn’t hardly moved!

In town we stopped for a short while to watch a band playing at one of the restaurants and then proceeded to visit numerous places to find that only a couple appeared to be open in the evening, maybe we would visit one, have something to eat and a few drinks and possibly even stay up to welcome in the New Year. After our walk we headed back to the motorhome.

Just as we walked into the parking area I suddenly heard a dog fast approaching, growling, barking and generally being aggressive toward Jack who was on his lead. It all happened so quick, in no time at all the dog was all over Jack and, Jack being on the lead really had nowhere to escape. I instinctively crouched down in an attempt to grab the attacking dogs collar but by this time they had separated and the dogs Portuguese owner was fast approaching, apologising profusely and shouting at his dog to come. It took a while before Lorna noticed that Jack had suffered a rather nasty wound, the attacking dog had obviously gone straight in and took a sizable chunk out of Jacks upper front leg. At this point I was more concerned with trying to find out where the vets was than associating any blame on the owner, who, still apologising in English was only to happy to tell us where the vet was located. I thanked him and told him not to worry about it, dogs do these things after all, and we have had enough problems with Jack and cats.

We walked back to the motorhome, again meeting the people next door who noted Jacks limp straight away, we chatted for a while explaining what had happened and then we were off back into town. I recalled a vets closer than the one the other dog owner had told us about so that was the first stop. Closed and not open until 3rd January. We headed off to the other vets hoping that maybe it would be open but when we arrived there it was also closed. It’s typical for these things always to happen either on a weekend or in a holiday period, this occasion, both! The note on the vets said in English that they were closed 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st, no mention of being closed on New Years Day itself though so we decided to go back to the motorhome and try to patch Jack up as best we could. He wasn’t bleeding profusely and was still using his leg so we thought that a good clean of the wound and a rest would suffice until we could hopefully get to an open vets the next day.

Jack's wound the next day

Our plans for an evening out were scuppered.

We chatted again to Don and Lin and we both decided that we would have a drink after a light dinner and so they were invited around to ours for the evening. Jack was feeling very sorry for himself and just wanted to be in bed so we made him as comfortable as possible and ate some pasta with garlic bread before Dona and Lin came round for a really pleasant evening chatting and drinking, we even managed to stay up til midnight and get the BBC news to watch the fireworks going off in London.

Happy New Year to everyone!

The Patient




8 responses

1 01 2011

Poor Jack. šŸ˜¦
I hope the vets is open today. Will keep fingers and toes crossed it’s not too serious.

1 01 2011

Hope Jack’s wound is superficial – dogs (especially fit ones) have great powers of recovery.

1 01 2011

Hope Jack recovers quickly and is soon running round. Have a happy and healthy 2011(this means you too, Jack)!

1 01 2011

Poor Jack – hope he gets better soon xxx

1 01 2011

Get well soon, Jack! And good health to all (including motorhome, phones and laptops) in 2011!

1 01 2011

Jack’s wound does look nasty and very similar to one that Ben received from a fox about 4 weeks ago. That one was on his cheek and there was a flap of skin hanging off. He wasn’t stitched up until the following day (still awaiting the bill). I think you’ve done the right thing keeping it clean and giving him rest. By Monday, when the vets re-opens, you’ll know whether to take him or not. Without stitching, it will probably heal with a scar but I don’t think Jack would be too concerned about it! Ben was given antibiotics (foxes apparently don’t clean their teeth very well) and had to wear one of those “lamp shades” on his collar for 10 days to stop him scratching the stitches, which were eventually removed. You’ll need to ensure that Jack isn’t licking the wound constantly as that can hinder healing – from the position of it on the photo it looks out of reach anyway. If Ben’s anything to go by, dogs seem to recover from these sorts of ordeals far better than humans do. Hope Jack gets well soon.

1 01 2011

Poor Jack! Hope he gets better quickly and does not have to wear a “lamp shade” (or, as Susan calls it, the “Cone of Shame”). Our dog had to wear one when he broke a toe as he kept licking it.

2 01 2011
Steve Green

Thank you everyone šŸ™‚

Jack is much better today!

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