1st January 2011 – Silves

1 01 2011

It’s quite amazing just how quickly the days go, without actually doing that much. We were not up particularly early but were definitely surfaced by 10am. The sun was out and the temperature was rising steadily. Jack was still feeling a little sorry for himself but was still fairly keen to get out and have a bit of a walk. Normally jack gets a fair bit of attention but this attention increased four fold as he limped along holding up his front leg, virtually hopping, bless him. The normal half hour walk ended up taking well over an hour as many Happy New Years were passed on and people of all nationalities stopped to ask about Jack and his limp.

We had a bit of a tidy up and waited until 3pm when we thought that the vet might be open, they hadn’t been answering the emergency phone number that we had been calling all morning so we thought that they probably wouldn’t be open in the afternoon either, but it was worth a try. To be fair, Jack had cleaned himself up quite nicely and the wounded area was looking much better, the skin even starting to meld back together. We needed to fill up with water and empty our waste out anyway so we decided to drive up to the vets and then to the water tap on the way back. Our leisure battery needed a bit of a boost anyway so a drive would also provide that extra charge.

On the subject of leisure batteries and the like we are finding that we can just about manage with our single leisure battery and the solar panel. There have been two occasions over the last week where, late at night we have flattened the leisure battery completely, once we ran the engine for a short while just to put some charge back in. It amazes me to think that when we were in Figueira da Foz, we were talking to a chap who had four leisure batteries (all of a higher power than ours), two solar panels and he still ran a generator every day. I can’t think what some people use their electric for, though it has to be said that I think a small generator will be on the shopping list for our next trip out later in the year, just for those emergency situations.

We drove to the vets which unsurprisingly was closed and then on to the next village along to fill up our tanks. We found the tap after our first pass through, pulled up and started filling up with lovely fresh spring water, stopping for a short while to chat to a British guy who came from Whitchurch and now lived in the small village that we were in, a beautiful little place. Back at the motorhome we chatted to Don and Lin for a while and we both decided that we would stop for a couple more nights and then move on to the Barragem which is just up the road as we hadn’t been and they were saying how nice it was. We are in no rush to get anywhere particular so a change of scenery and possibly the chance to get the BBQ out appealed.

The early evening passed very quickly again as we spent a good few hours just being by the motorhome and chatting to people who passed, Dutch, German, French and British and before we knew it the sun was beginning to set and we had to think about having some dinner. We found a tin of SPAM and had that fried up with some baked beans and mashed potato, yummy! The evening was spent watching more episodes of Men Behaving Badly on the notebook, we have done the first three series now, just two more to go and three specials, funny stuff.




2 responses

4 01 2011
andy bubble

just caught up with the blog for the festive period. steve, your writing is like a little ray of sunshine. poor jack! glad you both are having such a lovely time. reading about your travels makes me very happy. lots of love.

8 01 2011
Steve Green

Cheers Andy. You will be glad to know it’s howling down today!!!

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