30th December 2010 – Silves

30 12 2010

Another morning of roaring skies, thunderous booms and lightning though this soon ceased and we were left with a fairly hot and humid affair.

It was a very lazy day really, a long walk with Jack in the morning took us around the outskirts of the town of Silves and past what I presumed to be a prison, didn’t know they had one here, bloody small one if it was one but the razor wire around the perimeter kind of gives it away a bit. Lorna went to the supermarket to do a little bit of shopping whilst i busied myself reading and washing up. On the reading front I have now finished the book by John Grisham (The Broker) and have moved on to Money by Martin Amis. I tried to read The Big Nowhere by James Ellroy but got nowhere with it at all and gave up after three chapters, one for the recycling bin I think.

Later in the afternoon, once Lorna had visited the swimming pool to go on the internet and charge her laptop up we took Jack out again for another walk. The Italians who had parked close by when we first arrived were out talking to some others and I saw that their big fluffy cat was about so my grip on Jacks lead was tightened as we walked close by. Jack had seen the cat and was keen to have a closer look but I wouldn’t allow it for obvious reasons! All of a sudden the cat, obviously suicidal, decided that it would be a good idea to take a run at Jack and try to bite his back legs. It didn’t quite manage it but this clearly upset Jack and I literally had to drag him away, for both of their safety’s sake. The Italians seemed fairly unmoved by the whole thing, I doubt they would have been unmoved if I had decided to let Jack go and sort his attacker out. Anyway, we decided on our return that we would move the motorhome to a different part of the parking area, Jack is a wise old bean and we both knew that he would, from that point onwards, be watching and waiting for his opportunity of reprisal. For international relations sake we decided not to give him that chance.

Parked in our new spot we had a dinner of pasta with chick peas and a Lloyd Grossman sauce, tasty. A couple of beers for me and then a very quiet night. Last day of 2010 tomorrow and we have not a clue what we are going to do, maybe a late evening meal followed by a few drinks, maybe not. We’ll see what tomorrow brings but for the mean time, a Happy New Year to everyone.




2 responses

30 12 2010
David Turner

Wise precaution in view of Jack’s previous with cats!

Happy New Year to both of you

1 01 2011
Steve Green

Indeed, but what happened on the 31st wasn’t planned for at all!

Happy New Year to you and yours too.

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