29th December 2010 – Silves

29 12 2010

I was so rudely awoken at 5.30am by a huge clap of thunder which shook the van a little, from that moment on the rain started and clattered down onto the roof of the motorhome for some time. Eventually up at around 10.30am, Jack was walked and as the day seemed as if it would get no better than grey cloudy skies and the occasional splattering of rain we decided that a lunch out would be in order. We had been recommended the Ponte Romana (the scene of the incredible drinking fest that we had when we were here lat time, JJ Johns the Country singer and as much wine as you can drink) by some other British we met yesterday, they said it was traditional Portuguese fayre, menu of the day reasonably priced at around €7.50 each for the main course.

We arrived there on our bikes, slightly damp, at around 1.30pm and were both quickly shown to a table. The restaurant was full of Portuguese enjoying their lunch break and the food looked good. Lorna ordered the Dourada and I had the Sea Bass, deciding on a fish main for a change. We chomped our way through the bread and butter which was on our table in minutes and savoured the sardine paste which seems to accompany every bit of bread that you have in Portugal. The main meals arrived and they were huge, a massive fish each, chips, salad and a a selection of vegetables. The fish was superb, normally I go for meat but I think I shall be changing my menu choice to fish in the future, nicely grilled with crunchy skin and perfectly white meat inside, excellent. We obviously had wine with our meal and initially I ordered a small carafe of house red but on looking around we decided that the small measure might be a little small so before the meal came I changed it to a large one. We were mistaken as when the wine arrived it was a full litre, not the half we expected………still, not to worry eh!

I was obviously ravenous as, after polishing off the main course I ordered a desert of what resembled Black Forest gateaux, Lorna stuck to coffee. After we paid the bill which was just under €25.00 we left and decided to go for another quick drink before heading back. We stopped at the nearest cafe to the motorhome and had another glass of red. A most pleasant afternoon, it was the weathers fault!

Back at the motorhome we had a most relaxing evening, at around 6.30pm the rain started in ernest again and I watched out of the front window as a storm rolled in from the south west bringing thunder and lightning with it. I love it when it’s like that, the lightning lighting up the sky, the thunder booming through the atmosphere and the rain clattering off the roof.




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